iCookbook™: The Latest Foodie-Techie App raises the standard for all recipe apps

We all know about interactivity, but how many apps actually listen to you?

Publications International, Ltd. (PIL), a recognized industry leader that sells more than 8 million cookbooks each year, announces the soon-to-be released iCookbook™ iPad™ app (February, 2011), designed to be the most useful and cook-friendly iPad™ app for home cooks.

With more than 2,000 tested recipes from major food and kitchen brands, each with a great photograph to inspire and guide in preparation and free additional recipes each month, iCookbook™ offers a dynamic way to explore, discover, and prepare delicious trusted dishes for family and friends using easy-to-find, affordable ingredients.

Designed by experienced and passionate food editors at PIL, iCookbook™ is built to help the home cook identify recipes to make, shop for ingredients, prepare each dish using Voice Command (which allows for countertop use with no mess on the screen), and save and share favorite recipes. Available at the iTunes™ Store for $4.99, iCookbook™ also lets you print or e-mail recipes and grocery lists, or add a family favorite to the app.

The home cook’s solution for searching and discovering trusted recipes, easy shopping and sharing features — and a Voice Command capability that listens to the cook’s directions for easy, clean meal preparation.

For more than 30 years, PIL’s food editors and registered dietitians have been compiling and creating cookbooks full of fabulous, family-pleasing recipes. Many of these recipes come from the most trusted food brands in America, including Campbell’s®, Crock-Pot® slow cooker, Philadelphia Cream Cheese®, Hershey’s®, and Quaker® Oats, to name just a few.

This trusted content, combined with the convenience of iCookbook™, sets a new standard for the home kitchen’s digital recipe tool. iCookbook™ is intuitive and truly helpful for the home cook, and you can use it in the kitchen without smudging your tablet’s screen — the Voice Command preparation function means you no longer have to swipe the screen with messy hands.


iCookbook™ downloads with more than 2,000 recipes, and the consumer can also purchase themed collections and receive free monthly additions. Explore allows the user to browse or search using a variety of filters in any combination, which quickly leads to a solution for any meal or mood. You can browse intuitively by swiping through pages of recipe photos, and our exclusive Stir function selects nine recipes from any set or search group.


Tools built into iCookbook™ allow the home cook to scale recipes to change the number of servings. Users can also add their own favorites to the collection, attach comments or notes to each recipe, and gather favorites into a personal Recipe Box. In addition, iCookbook™ is one of the first recipe apps to be AirPrint-enabled, so you can print recipes or shopping lists to share or shop with directly from your iPad™.


No more messy touch screens! The Prepare mode displays step-by-step instructions in a large format readable from several feet away, allowing the cook to control iCookbook™ by hands-free Voice Command alone. Move back and forth between preparation steps, access your Notes, or set up to three timers — all without touching your iPad™ with messy fingers.


iCookbook™ is the only recipe app that listens to you. The home cook can activate Voice Command and take control: Simple directions tells the app to advance to the next step in the directions, return to the previous step, or jump to a different place. All three of the built-in timers can also be set and activated by Voice Command. No need to wrap your iPad™ in cellophane or use messy hands to swipe the screen — or clean up sticky smudges afterward. Every facet of iCookbook™ has been designed with the home cook in mind. Instructions are intuitive and clear; filter choices make sense and lead to a solid selection of meal solutions. iCookbook™ delivers easy-to-make, tasty, family-pleasing recipes that have been tested and perfected by their favorite brands. Each recipe has been carefully selected to be in iCookbook™ by PIL’s food editors to provide variety and popular choices. The ability to share recipes via Facebook or e-mail expands the benefits of iCookbook™.

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More information, and future add-on offerings, can be found at http://www.icookbooking.com/


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