Women empowerment through chocolates

By Denice Sy

There were lots of great finds at the Winter Fancy Food Show that wrapped up just a few days ago. And among the goods I loved the most was Chick Chocolate Bars, a product of the Seattle’s Chocolates.

Love month is nearing, and over the year, I’ve witnessed how my girl friends’ egos deteriorate over not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day. And I personally believe, gone are the days when we have to wait for a man to buy us chocolates to feel loved!

The friendly Seattle’s Chocolates team (L-R) Kirsty Ellison, Niel Campbell and Linda Barnes

Chick chocolates come in five variants, each made specifically to cater to the woman’s different qualities: there is the Strong Chick for the sporty ladies, the Nutty Chick for the foxy babes, the Extreme Chicks for the daring and adventurous, the Power Chick for the busy bees, and the Survivor Chick for the fighters (all proceeds from this Chick bar go to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center).

What makes Chick chocolates even better is one Chick 2.5oz bar contains only a measly 50 calories, which ultimately takes indulging in sweets to a whole new level!

Delicious and colorful chicks!

Women are the most selfless beings in the world. And it’s about time we rewarded ourselves for being the beautiful ladies that we are. Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating us, pampering ourselves and knowing we deserve to be loved.

Treat yourself to some Chick bars, the chocolate that tastes good and is guilt-free at the same time. This is our month, girls. Only we can love ourselves best! “We are women, hear us roar!”

The sassy V-day chocolate package

Neil explains the story and inspiration behind each design

About the Owner

Jean Thompson is the owner and CEO for Seattle Chocolate Company . Seattle Chocolate Company manufactures premium, all-natural truffles, dessert shells, truffle bars, and chocolates. In addition to overseeing daily operations, Thompson sets the strategic direction for Seattle Chocolate Company. Her primary focus is to generate profitability, customer satisfaction, and growth. Her mission is to build an extraordinary chocolate company that makes it convenient for quality chocolate lovers to get their daily fix wherever they live and shop.

In addition to running Seattle Chocolate Company, Jean serves on the Board of Trustees for the National Confectioner’s Association. The National Confectioners Association is among the oldest trade associations in the United States. As an committed and passionate member, she works to foster industry growth by advancing and promoting the interests of the confectionery industry and its consumers. Thompson is also an active member of Entrepreneur’s Organization Seattle and the Women Business Owners, a leading non-profit organization for women entrepreneurs in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.

A fun interview with Jean

Who is the person you would most like to interview over a cup of coffee and an assortment of chocolate truffles and why?

Jean Thompson (JT): Oprah, because she would enjoy the truffles and seems to enjoy life so fully. She is always eager to try new things and appreciates good products and different/new ideas. She is such an inspiration being self made and has developed such a lasting following among a diverse group of people. She doesn’t go out of style like many big personalities because she’s compassionate and consistently high quality in her endeavors. I believe it’s her kindness that has made her so hugely popular, and you don’t often see success stories based on that in today’s world. It gives me hope that being down to earth and approachable can still be a winning formula.

What compelled you and your husband to invest in Seattle Chocolate Company in the first place?

JT: The machinery had so much potential, so much capacity and it was at the time very underutilized. The company always used the finest ingredients and chocolate and it seemed to just need some marketing energy to make it take off.

When did you know that bringing fine chocolates to a hungry, appreciative nation would be your calling?

JT: When I started working here in 2002. I never guessed that working could be so fun, and I had no idea that I would love being in charge so much. I love theindustry. I love the products and can closely relate to the consumer which makes everything so personal and easy.

Were there early clues in childhood that suggested chocolate would one day be your life?

JT: Breaking into my mother’s chocolate morsel supply and munching on them every night should have been a hint, but I never dreamed I’d be given this opportunity.