Maximum Buzz at the Osmosis Day Spa and Sanctuary

Osmosis Day Spa and Sanctuary owner Michael Stusser

By Leslie Coggan
Photography by Lito Zapata

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, located in Sonoma County, CA is best known for their Cedar Enzyme Bath Treatment.  Created in Japan in the 1940’s, the Cedar Enzyme Bath would remain largely unknown to the western world until offered to the Olympic participants in 1964. The treatments are said to be both energizing and relaxing, attracting folks seeking its healing and detoxifying properties for relief of a bevy of ailments.  The spa also offers a Japanese meditation garden and their newest addition, the Field of Hammocks!  Unfortunately, it was not open the day of our visit so I look forward to a return trip to indulge in the ultimate hammock experience.

The staff at Osmosis is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable in all the features and services offered.  The purpose of this event was to foster and encourage bloggers and online marketers to share and exchange their experience while partaking in the mini spa treatments, all while noshing on sweet and savory hors d’ouvres and sipping local wine.

The tantalizing array of sweets was provided by Patisserie Angelica, a small local bakery. The sweet sister act at the heart of the bakery is French-trained pastry chef Conda Easley and her artist sister Deborah Morris. We indulged in the the bakery’s signature cookie called “Sonoma“.  This is a twist on the classic oatmeal chocolate chip with white and dark chocolate, raisins, coconut and pecans; a perfectly moist, chewy cookie with a sweet surprise in every bite.  Next was a Parisian Puff Gateau, an almond macaroon with a praline butter cream and light dusting of powdered sugar.  These sweet little treats were light, chewy, and creamy all at the same time.  Last but not least, we sampled a vanilla bean and Redwood Hills Chevre’ cheese cake bite.  Lovely and bright these mini cakes made it difficult to stop at just one.  The savory fare was prepared by Mark, a resident Osmosis manager and chef. Our eyes sparkled as they met with an assorted cheese plate, vegetable crudités, sliced Salami, and mushroom caps stuffed with sun dried tomato pesto and cheese.

Graton Ridge Cellars provided their latest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Both wines hail from one of Sonoma County’s newest appellations the Russian River Valley.  A 2009 Graton Ridge Chardonnay ($28) bright fruit and citrus along with a light buttery roundness made this an easy sipping wine and went very well both with the savory and sweet snacks.  The 2009 Graton Ridge Pinot Noir ($40) had a hint of cassis and black cherry with a bit of an earthy finish.  With the wine flowing it didn’t take long for everyone to start mingling and getting to know each other.

Then it was time to indulge ourselves with Cedar Enzyme foot baths, chair and foot massage, garden tour by owner Michael Stusser and once the sun set, we were entertained by an honest-to-goodness fire dancer.  After having the chance to enjoy a small taste of what Osmosis has to offer I can’t wait to schedule my very own Zen experience.


Take Note!

Osmosis received a sustainability award from Sixth District California State Assembly Member, Jared Huffman last Friday, 3/16/12. Click here to read all about it!

Leslie Coggan is the Executive Assistant to the SVP of SPG Solar in Marin. Her connection to the food world was a birth right as she is Italian and having been raised by a Master Chef didn’t hurt any either. Leslie cooked professionally for a short period of time as a private chef aboard a yacht in Sausalito and has worked many various jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry over the years. Today the love of food and wine continues to run in her family as she lives in the beautiful haven of Sonoma County with her Sicilian husband and two beautifully grown daughters.