Life Should Be A Party – Celebrate In Style with Kane Candy!

We’re currently going choco-loco for Kane Candy’s tasty chocolate cups! This newly launched treats are a quick & easy dessert solution for the home pastry chef in all of us. Simply fill empty Kane Candy Chocolate Party Cups with your favorite filling such as mousse, whipped cream or gelato, top with fresh berries, add chocolate decoration and serve!

There are now 5 fantastic retail varieties including their award winning chocolate flower cups, white & dark chocolate Tuxedo cups, chocolate cordial & toasting cups, chocolate heart cups as well as their new large Kane Candy Chocolate Party cups.

Great for dinner parties, weddings, graduations, holiday parties or any special occasion calling for fun & elegant desserts!

Check out our favorite recipes below 

Kane Candy Chocolate Cordial & Toasting Cups & Chocolate Tasting Party

Place empty Kane Candy chocolate cordial cups on elegant platter or serving tray. Fill with your favorite dessert wine or any Port wine and serve during wine tastings, dinner parties or any social event.

Party Celebration Chocolate Shooters

Place empty Kane Candy cordial & toasting cups on fun party themed platter or serving tray. Fill with your favorite liqueur such as Amaretto, Irish Cream, Cognac, Vodka, Rum to create chocolate shooters or use a non-alcoholic beverage to create fun & edible shot glasses for your party!

Filled Chocolate Mini Dessert Cups

Place empty Kane Candy Cordial cups on colorful serving platter. Get creative and fill the small cups with whipped cream & fresh blueberries or any other small size fruit. Drizzle chocolate over top for a fabulous, quick & easy dessert.

Kane Candy Pastel Chocolate Flower Cups

Garden Party Chocolate Lovers Platter

Place empty Kane Candy chocolate pastel flower cups on white platter or serving tray. Surround bottom of platter with real edible flowers, mint leaves or any edible greenery to create your own edible flower garden platter. Fill flower cups with fresh fruit, whipped cream, mascarpone cheese or vanilla mousse and top with chocolate decorations, mint leaf or chocolate shavings and serve.

Candy Party Celebration Flower Cups

Place empty Kane Candy chocolate flower cups on fun, bright & colorful platter. Fill with your favorite bite size candies such as multi-colored jelly beans, gummy candy, mints or any other small bite candies for a sweet and easy edible party cup platter.

Kane Candy Chocolate Tuxedo Cups
Dinner Party Chocolate Dessert Cups

Place empty Kane Candy Chocolate Party Cups on elegant serving platter. Fill with flavored mousse, ice cream or sorbet. Add fresh berries of your choice, top with whipped cream & mint leaf and serve. Get creative & colorful! So quick & easy but your dinner guests will think you are amazing!

Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

Place empty Kane Candy Large Chocolate Party Cups on serving platter. Fill with one scoop of ice cream, sorbet or Gelato. Add chocolate shavings or chocolate decoration & serve. To add more splash and color
simply add fresh berries, edible flower or mint leaf.

All products immediately available from Gourmet International at 1-800-875-5557 or visit the Kane Candy Shoppe website at for more!