Featuring Catherine Howe “Recent Paintings & Unique Prints from the Proserpina Series”, and other works from Gallery House artists.

Gallery House Manager Belinda Chun announced the gallery’s Spring 2013 exhibition—showcasing selected artists of Gallery House and a special focus on Catherine Howe’s “Recent Paintings & Unique Prints from the Proserpina Series,”.  Proserpina described as ruminations on the sublime.  Or as Howe furthers: “semi-pure painting with spewing, spouting buds and blooms, swirling strokes of luck”. The opening is scheduled for 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday April 6, 2013.

Howe had her first exhibition in New York at White Columns in 1987.  While in Buffalo she served as Curator Hallwalls (1984-88), a legendary artist-run space started by Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo.   Arriving in New York meat packing district in 1989 became an Associate Director of White Columns until 1995.  She emerged as an artist while in this creative non profit milieu in the early 90’s along with such artists as John Currin and Lisa Yuskavage—artists also interested in painting a new figuration.

Currently she is the Faculty Chair – Graduate Painting & Drawing Faculty at the New York Academy of Art and a full time artist.  Her paintings have been exhibited extensively in solo shows internationally appearing in numerous prominent publications that include Art in America, Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Artforum and The New York Times.

Having previously painted figurative works Howe’s female figures began to give way to a “purer way of making paintings where the forms emerged more spontaneously “.  What results is Howe’s semi-abstraction yet distinctly telltale painterly touch of luminous, textured and richly hued colouration.

Influenced by Dickenson poetry of ecstatic nature and mystery of the physical world  this selection of works exhibit ecstatic layers of heavy florals, light, champagne and slathering of suggested animals or hidden imagery.  A short foray into horticulture a landscaping business years past and frequent trips outside of Manhattan to the country side is evidently embedded in her works.

Gallery House is a unique space serving as both a management site primarily and a commercial gallery; it is an exclusive environment for featuring select senior and established artists regularly collected by art connoisseurs, museums; celebrities and the normal nomad.

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