Santana’s Casa Noble Solves the Worst Valentine’s Day Blunder

Valentine’s Day.

Two evocative words. You love it, you hate it, you think Hallmark invented it, but it’s unlikely you’re indifferent to it. One point I think we can all agree on, though: cocktails. Whether you want to snuggle up, eat your feelings or draft a detailed Facebook status diatribe against the commercialization of love;  you’re going to need a cocktail to really get to the bottom of whichever emotional well you’ve chosen. It may as well be the correct cocktail.

The El Beso de Luz Margarita

(the kiss of light – Named by Santana)

  • 2 oz Casa Noble Crystal
  • ½ oz Licor 43
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • ¼ orange squeeze & drop

This is the most versatile Valentine’s Day drink.

Into it? Not only is tequila an aphrodisiac, but Santana (yes, the Santana of Woodstock and Black Magic Woman) likened his first warm taste of El Beso de Luz to the first time one falls in love. In fact, he was so moved by it that he gave the cocktail its name, a tribute to his wife Cindy.

Feeling bitter? We think the citrus and vanilla notes, complimented by the knowledge that you’re about to indulge in one of Mexico’s finest exports will make that sour mood hard to maintain.

Angry about the perversion of St. Valentine? Unlike other forms of alcohol, tequila – though not technically a stimulant – has been reported to give imbibers more of a boost than its counterparts. So that Facebook post you’re already thinking about? This will help you to bang it out eloquently and steel yourself for comments from coupled up friends.

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