The Strand Hotel Takes Lead From First Lady Michelle Obama Lending Support To Emerging Young American Fashion Designers

Taking a page out of First Lady Michelle Obama’s book in supporting young, emerging American designers, The Strand Hotel NYC’s, New York’s first fashion-inspired hotel is hosting designer Victor de Souza’s fashion show and VIP cocktail reception during New York Fashion Week. The lower lobby of the Strand will transform on Sunday February 10, 2013, as its welcomes “ Le Carnival du Destin”.

The Strand Hotel continues to offer young designers from around the world a venue in which to showcase their collections in the heart of the fashion district. As part of this commitment and to ensure that the industry and district continues to thrive, The Strand Hotel NYC offers a “fashion showcase package” for young designers to showcase their collections. For many of these designers showing in Lincoln Center at the famed Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is just not an option. They depend on the assistance of angel supporters and hotels like The Strand to provide a venue in which to present collections and meet with clients and customers.

This year the recipient of the Strand Hotel NYC’s support is Victor de Souza, Founder and Creative Director of Victor de Souza New York. In just 3 short years Mr. de Souza has amassed a loyal following among New York City socialites, celebrities and personalities such as: Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker and others.

Mr. de Souza will preview his Fall 2013 collection in a creative production dubbed, Le Carnival du Destin, inspired by a sophisticated couture circus the collection is eclectic ranging in hues from winter white to wine in silk and wool taffeta organza. Details include Victorian flowers, brocade and Chantilly lace; all hand-made with cutouts and embroidery, flower prints and bright colors set mix with black velvet. Known for his creative and imaginative shows, Mr. de Souza’s showing on February 10 will take on the personalities of circus acts from lion tamers, horses and more.

Victor De Souza’s SPRING 2013 RTW

Victor de Souza

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, New York-based Victor de Souza was first introduced to fashion through his grandmother’s closet, which was filled with an elegant collection by designers such as Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel and Schiaparelli. Seduced by the tapered silhouettes, brilliant colors and rich fabrics, de Souza knew at an early age that design was his calling.

At the age of fourteen Victor de Souza enrolled in a couture academy in Argentina, he later studied at two other Argentinean couture academies and CETIC (Centro De Estudios Tecnicos Para La Industria De La Confeccion). In school, he quickly acquired a reputation as a perfectionist because of his obsession with constructing garments that fit the form perfectly. He designed his first collection in Argentina by the age of eighteen.

De Souza made his debut couture collection at Paris Fashion Week. The showing was held at the American Consulate, as part of a special group event entitled “Americans in Paris.” This same year, editors and stylists began noticing his designs when Alicia Keys appeared at the NFL kick-off party in Times Square, wearing one of de Souza’s signature corsets. Around this time, Victor de Souza was commissioned to design the wardrobe for Mary J. Blige’s “Share My World Tour”. Other famous personalities such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker soon began to appear in his clothing.

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