Bistro Sabor – First Class Affordable Dining, Dancing In The Heart Of Downtown Napa

By Kaye Cloutman

Gourmet’d out!?? I’ve often been asked by a lot of people for  modestly priced places to eat in Napa and I’m happy to say that I finally found one yesterday. BISTRO SABOR on first street – their food was totally off the hook and the customer service – priceless! Ariel Ceja (and the rest of the Ceja family) has made hospitality an art form. The great thing about it too is that if you feel guilty for indulging (believe me, you won’t be able to help it), there’s salsa dancing until 1:30 am to burn those calories away! Top picks are the carnitas and salmon tacos, and ceviche platter.

Visit them!

Bistro Sabor
1126 1st St Napa, CA 94559
(707) 252-0555

Bistro Sabor Ceviche

Bistro Sabor Salmon Tacos

Bistro Sabor Carnitas Tacos