Get Outta Town

By Jay Huffman

Set on the outskirts of Berlin lays a quaint old town by the name of Teltow. It was first mentioned in 1265 and its main attraction is St Andrews’s fieldstone church, built in the 12th century. It is about 11 miles outside the city center, but it is a nice change of pace from the busy streets and you can get away very easily via S25 to Teltow Stadt.

A very nice French cuisine, Böfflamott, sits in the center of town in a beautiful courtyard, which is an open area for seating when the weather permits aka when the sun finally decides to come out. Walk inside and you feel right at someone’s home in the countryside of France. The building actually used to quarter Prussian Army Soldiers two centuries ago and has been rebuilt overtime. Now, it plays the role of serving fresh regional food and wine with a French accent.

Essen ist ein Stück Lebensfreude, which translates to a meal is a piece of the joy of life. They take pride in helping their guests to a nice meal at a fair price. Although only German and French is spoken and there are no menus in English, the wait staff is very friendly and patient. The great thing is that it is not a usual tourist location, so it is not overpriced and is usually filled with locals, who come back because of their consistency in quality and taste.

I started with the Warmer Schafskäse mit Zwiebeln. The creamy goat cheese brilliantly complemented the perfectly crisp vegetables to create an orgasmic clash of textures. It was served with French bread and their Böfflamott sauce, rich in garlic and completely satisfying. After that, I had to go with the beef for my main course, so I chose the Rumpsteak al Café de Paris, a rare steak topped with a mixture of curry butter and herb pesto over fried potatoes with chunks of pancetta served with salad on the side. The meat comes out bloody, how I like it, but if you want it cooked well, request that you would like it “bien cui”.

Cheese, wine, vegetables, meat, potatoes and a cognac to finish.  I could live off this.

Visit them!

Marktplatz 1-3  14513 Teltow, Germany
+49 3328 351222 

A San Diego native, Jay spent the last eight years cultivating his affinity for fine food and tech-haus music in San Francisco. After a brief stint writing for a creative audio storytelling agency in Portland, he jumped across the pond to delve deeper into the minimalistic music scene and gritty foodie culture of Berlin; he promises to avoid jokes about traditional German dishes (they’re the wurst). Follow him on twitter @JayHuffmanLIVE