Lavender Fields Forever

Photography by Alex Gonzales Baguio

Located in East Marion, Lavender By The Bay is New York’s premier lavender farm and one of the largest in the USA. A family based farm, they have been growing the highest quality lavender on Long Island for over 15 years. They offer seasonal fresh cut bunches, dried lavender, lavender plants, lavender sachets, honey from their own beehives and other crafts. In 2002, Lavender By The Bay  expanded their business by purchasing 17 acres of farmland on the North Fork. They have planted twenty varieties of lavender across ten acres of farmland, yielding over 50,000 plants for cultivation.

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Lavender By The Bay
7540 New York 25 East Marion, NY 11939

Alex Baguio travels extensively, looking to fill his lens with images of new and different cultures in their architectural and natural surroundings. He waits for the photographer’s perfect moment when the sun creates new stories in the shadows and combines with simple lines and curves of his subject. His greatest joy is in capturing the song of color from people in their native garb or in the perfect rush that comes when he shoots the pure texture of a breeze through a valley of nature. Alex studied at New School and International Center of Photography in New York and has been recognized and awarded both in the local and global arenas for his superb work in fashion and portraiture photography. His photos have been published in the BBC News, Sky News, and New York Times Fall in Europe edition. Recently Alex has been honored by Canon for his photography “In the Parks”. He’s been the consistent 1st Place winner at the Pictorial Photographers of America since 2011.