Bunnychow : Eat inside the Box(park)

Next London food truck sensation to set up permanent shop is the South African bunnychow, in Shoreditch’s BOXPARK. The bunny chow is said to have been invented in 1940’s Durban, when Indian sugar workers were looking for something sturdier than rotis to transfer their lunch from pot to plantation. Legend has it that one bright spark hollowed out a loaf of bread, filled it to the top with curry and the bunny was born.

However it started, the trend soon spread across South Africa with bunnies hopping up all over the country – some filled with spicy veggies and some with fragrant mutton. Finally in June this year, the  bunnychow team brought their bunnies to Brixton in South London. It new East London home is all stripped back style with chipboard tables, high wood stools, pendant lights and exposed scaffolding for an industrial look and there’s an alfresco seating area too.

A 12-strong range of bunnies comes bursting with feisty flavour and the artisan loafs are made with Shipton Mill flour (holders of the Royal Warrant) and baked daily by Celtic Bakers.

Four regularly rotating bunnies include the signature Monkey Gland Bunny –  meatballs simmered in South African monkey gland sauce (probably not made from real monkeys) and BBQ Bunny – pulled pork in BBQ sauce with melted cheese. There are also some brand new flat bunnies – including a South African Bobotie Burger, Goats Cheese and Peppers, Lime and Chilli Crayfish, Nutty Citrus Chicken and Feta and Pea.

Punters can also order a bunnychow ‘side’ –  like homemade Biltong in original or Piri Piri flavours, Peppermint Crisp or those cult classic South African crisps, nik naks.

For more information, visit www.bunnychow.com

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