F3 – Fast Becoming Marin’s New Food Hotspot

F3_02By Jay Huffman
Photography by Ashley Augustine

After their success with Le Garage Bistro and L’Appart Resto, Bruno, Olivier and Susannah created something “fun, stylish and unexpected” in Fast Food Francais, or “F3”. They wanted to take their great French cooking techniques and turn them into a casual dining experience. In Sausalito, right off the main road, lies a cozy little corner that offers everything an upscale fast food joint should, except for a drive-thru. Don’t worry, they have a delivery staff cruising around on Vespa scooters.

It is one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in town, with a unique burger list, including the Flinstone, served with bone marrow, le boisseau, shallot confit and bacon aioli. If you are not in the mood for organic grass fed beef, try their wild salmon, lamb, French lentils, duck confit or diestel turkey burgers. Would you like Brussels sprout chips with that? “Oui” – you would. They are delicious and addictive. It has all the benefits of a fast food chain without the major health concerns. The residents in the neighborhood already know this. In fact, the regulars I met in the restaurant have tried everything on the menu already.

Good thing there are new items for the fall, to keep it fresh for the locals such as their wild rock popcorn shrimp with harissa aioli and lemon chips. They have the elegance of a French cuisine infused with modern American tastes; Foie gras with French bread, a medley of aioli for every burger, an assortment of F3 specialty cocktails and good wine. The list starts in the 30’s and goes up to the 70’s. Although it is international, there are local bottles as well. From Napa to France you can find something nice to pair well with your fast food burger experience. In the 40’s range is a Talbott Vineyard Pinot Noir from Logan Sleepy Hollow. This bottle from 2010 went well with everything I had to eat and was very drinkable in between.


Fast Food Francais (F3) is a very cool place to check out if you are in the neighborhood, especially if you are in the mood for a burger and while you’re at it, add some wild boar bacon too. Getting there from the city is no hassle at all. The ferry takes you right there and they are just one exit away after crossing the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Make a day trip out to Sausalito and enjoy fine food without emptying your wallet. It also is very accommodating for anyone throwing a holiday party. This place could be a nice venue for your next gathering, holding 50 people comfortably.

Stop by for a drink or nightcap at their fully stocked bar and don’t forget to try one of their fantastic desserts. One of the newer choices is the Apple Crisp. They use bourbon glazed pippin apples, dried cranberries, steel-cut oat crumble with fleur de sel. My favorite was their Jell-O Pudding made of Valrhona chocolate mousse and topped with crème fraiche; although it was rich and decadent, it was not too sweet and had a nice fluffy texture. I could have eaten two of them! To top it all off, the service was very professional and friendly. They had no problem explaining the menu and were very helpful in choosing a bottle of wine.

For more information on F3, please visit www.eatf3.com and www.facebook.com/FastFoodFrancais
Address: 39 Caledonia St. Sausalito, CA 94965