Duskie Estes + Guy Fieri: The Odd Couple or Culinary Dream Team? You decide.

When culinary rock star Guy Fieri and beloved local celebrity chef Duskie Estes (Zazu Kitchen + Farm) get together behind a stove, sparks and flames WILL fly. And it’ll happen this Sunday on the Food Network. After all, Guy is king of the Big Bites and champions dishes like the “Chorizo Garbage Plate.” Duskie, on the other hand, is the passionate, celebrity-chef darling of the farm–to–table movement.  There’s bound to be–how shall I say?–a clash of culinary ethos.
Will Guy get Duskie to eat “everything but the kitchen sink?”  Or will Duskie bring Guy around and get him to jump on the farm-to-table bandwagon?
Tune in this Sunday, January 19 at 10 am EST/PST to Guy’s Big Bite, when Guy and Duskie get together for “Taco Night Done Right.” They’ll cook up Al Pastor Tacos featuring pork shoulder (one of Duskie’s signature ingredients) in a pineapple-chipotle marinade, with roasted tomatillo avocado salsa and grilled pineapple. On the side, Tex-Mex Rice with fire roasted tomatoes, sweet corn and carrot. But the true superstar dish of the episode is Duskie’s Backyard Gigante Beans and Pumpkin – a sweet-savory dish finished with squash blossoms and papalo.
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