Toscana – Senza Melodramma

By John Cloutman
Images by Alex Gonzales Baguio

Millions of people know little of Tuscany outside of what they have seen in popular film or read in books, so our photographer and correspondent Alex Baguio has traveled there to give our readers a better idea of this wonderful and unique region of Italy. This is the birthplace of the Renaissance and as you can see, Tuscany still retains a great deal of its original old-world charm and mystique. The region has a strong cultural identity and language of its own, and is often considered a state within a state. There are so many places to see that it’s easy to understand its attraction to globetrotters, as well as those yearning for an escape from the rat race. These villages are not replicas, with the daily lives of the occupants played by actors for the benefit of voyeuristic tourists, this is the real deal. Toscana – Senza Melodramma. Enjoy!