The Art of Ian Ross

Ian Ross

Photography by Nash Bernardo

Ian Ross celebrated the success of his art gallery, which opened its doors to the public in 2012. It was a night of fun with good food and cocktails shared with close friends and art enthusiasts. The gallery features not just his own artworks, but of other contemporary artists as well like Hueman, John Waguespack, Cryptik, Daniela C. Lay, Eddie Colla, Katja Tapia, Rachelle Reichert, Nataliya Tyaglo, Zio Ziegler, and Carly Ivan Garcia. Ian Ross’ artwork is contemporary and is described as “Hyper-organic”. Ian Ross has painted a lot of murals featured in the offices for high-tech companies such as Google, AdRoll, Lyft, Redbull, and Gap. He is also the resident artist for Facebook. The artist’s goal is to help as much up and coming artists in the local community, as well as to be able to give back his success through reaching out to charities in San Francisco. The Ian Ross Gallery is located at 466 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California.

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