Moods of Norway Celebrate Norway’s 200th Birthday With A Fashion Bang

Stefan.Dahlkvist.MoodsofNorwayLA fashionistos/as were recently treated to a hip garden party celebrated Norwegian style. The over-the-top stylishly organized bash included traditional waffles made and served by Waffle-Ida,  champagne by Nicolas Feuillatte and Moscow Mules by Smirnoff. The overall energetic vibe was enhanced by the music of DJ Antiq but the crowd-pleaser hands-down was the royal opportunity to take photos with life-size cardboard cutouts of the Norwegian King and Queen in front of the Royal Norwegian castle. One of our favorite moments from the event was also the opportunity to know Moods of Norway Co-founder Stefan Dahlkvist. See our interview below –

What is your summer style forecast?

This summer will be all about fun, poppy colors and don’t be afraid to mix a suit jacket with a slim pair of shorts for added comfort and multiplied style factor.

What food / fashion trend are you currently obsessed with?

I love the idea of spicy tequila based drinks mixed with fresh seafood and fun loving company.

What is your edible guilty pleasure?

Norwegian waffles with strawberry jam and sour cream, made by authentic Norwegian grandmothers.

How do you see Norwegian fashion evolving in the next year?

Norwegian fashion is moving full speed ahead. Expect to see plenty of contemporary interpretations of the traditional Norwegian knitted sweaters and outerwear.

About Moods of Norway

Since 2003 Moods of Norway has been doing the Fashion clothing styles from Norway and the philosophy is still the same, to make happy clothes for happy people around the world. As of this golden minute, Moods of Norway is presented in the most polished and happy stores across the universe. Co-founders Stefan, Peder and Simen are still commandeering golden tractors around the globe, telling outrageous stories and creating super duper collections at an alarming rate. The brand has its headquarters and showroom in the town of Stryn, a magical place known for glaciers, salmon fishing and one newly opened escalator.

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Moods of Norway To Celebrate Norway’s 200th Birthday With A Fashion Bang