One Extraordinary Chef + Special Ingredients Makes For One Surprising Night

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By Genevieve Dee

Images by Brian Wong

The Chef is Tim Luym of Poleng Lounge fame.   Named San Francisco Chronicle Three Star Executive Chef and Rising Star Chef, Chef Tim has mastered asian dishes then adding his very own twist.  Bringing Asian street food mainstream with a penchant for his native Filipino cuisine, his Crispy Adobo Wings made it to the 7×7 Magazine’s ‘100 Things to Eat Before You Die List’!   Today, Attic in San Mateo keeps him busy along with his consulting projects and California’s first frozen custard food truck, Frozen Kuhsterd.

Tonight, Chef Tim prepared a sampling menu of creations using tofu and meat alternatives from Pulmuone Foods USA, a subsidiary of one of the largest food companies in Korea.  Ingredients are natural, organic, free of artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners and common toxins.  Using non-GMO ingredients, dairy, meat, poultry and eggs are free from synthetic hormones with taste and texture of utmost importance.  Among the products used were Wildwood’s Onederful Tofu, Meatless Crumbles, Meatless Meatballs, Organic Spread Dip and Soymilk. Tofu came in the flavors like Teriyaki, Indian Curry, Mongolian and Szechuan Smoked while Meatless Crumbles came in Mexican or Italian inspired flavors.

The concocted dishes showcased Chef Tim’s talent.  From Japanese inspired Katsu Slider Sandwiches and Eggless Chawan Mushi to Mexican Chilaquiles, Pork Free Vietnamese Egg Rolls and a slew of Chinese inspired dishes of Shrimp Wonton Soup, Mandu Dumplings with Kimchee X.O. Sauce and Ma Po Tofu.  There was even a Gluten and Dairy Free Bechamel and Vegetarian Lasagna as well as a Purple Yam Tapioca and Bread Pudding for dessert! Everyone was surprised at the product versatility and variety of ideas for new dishes.  To top it all, a cooking demonstration illustrated the ease with which the dishes were made.

Held at the recently opened Pop Up Cafe, the Tenderloin’s newest addition.  Featuring a rotating dinner menu, it offers Asian Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, BBQ Wednesdays and   Thursdays [because it’s so good] and Cajun Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Breakfast and lunch offerings consist of eggs, bacon and omelet dishes. A selection of beer both bottled and on tap is available in this casual setting that now seats 30.

Whether you feel like trying the menu every night of the week on Pop Up Cafe or trying one of the recipes made available by Chef Tim, either way, it will be worth it!

Recipes available upon request.

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