Luxurious Ready-to-wear fashion that is also eco and socially conscious!

T.Tandon is taking the fashion market by storm with feminine and sophisticated appeal.  Created by international designer Tina Tandon, this Ready-to-wear line is already increasing its following by young celebrities as well as the fashion elite.  Set apart in the industry by following eco and socially conscious practices, T.Tandon is truly a brand to watch.
A true couture line, T.Tandon’s Holiday 2014 collection is a must see for the season.  Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, these designs are sure to turn heads for the holidays.  Couture silk gowns are paired with beautiful beaded details to create luxurious and timeless fashion that will stand out amongst the crowd with the charm and sophistication that T.Tandon is quickly becoming known for. High-end couture fabrics with hand embellishments made by some of the same artisans that are producing work for the top European Couture Houses, these details make T.Tandon stand apart in the designer market. And, at a price point of between $100-$500, their prices are reasonable for truly luxurious items from a high-end designer.
The Black Crepe Dress with Contrast Cobalt 3D Beading is a gorgeous example of true Hollywood glam with a modern appeal.  Taking the traditional Little Black Dress from simple to stunning with the addition of beautiful cobalt blue beading, this dress is sure to turn heads this holiday season!  Another must see for the season?  T.Tandon’s Liquid Leopard dress is truly a statement piece.  An all over sequined dress with an appealing leopard print pattern; this dress is the perfect choice for any holiday cocktail party or New Years Eve.  When you want to shimmer and shine. 
Not only creating clothing that is eco friendly, as most of T.Tandon’s products are made of natural fibers that are biodegradable at the end of their life cycle, but they are also a company that believes in giving back.  A percentage of the profits from T.Tandon sales go to support charities that help underprivileged children as well as woman causes, such as CRY, SEWA, and Ovarian Cancer research fund.  You can feel good about purchasing T.Tandon clothing, knowing that you will not only look amazing, but will be helping those in need.  T.Tandon is also a fair trade company that believes in fair wages and prices for manufacturers and employees.  In a day when most people are cutting costs and taking advantage of those less fortunate, they are setting the bar high with fair wages and supporting factories where employees are treated fairly. T.Tandon also believes in women empowerment and gives priority to women owned businesses and factories.

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