In Memory of Craig Ramini of Ramini Mozarella

Craig Ramini

Photo Credit Chef Cocoy Ventura

By Chef Cocoy Ventura

Last night, I learned about Craig Ramini’s passing, founder and cheese maker of Ramini Mozzarella, with utter disbelief. Though I met Craig three years ago, along with his partner Audrey, as well as the beautiful buffaloes at his ranch in Tomales Bay, there’s a certain bond that automatically united him and I. Perhaps because of farming and being involved in the food service, but I believe it’s the passion and contentment which drives us to do more  and ample happiness our devotion personally bring us. It saddens me and I wish I had done my share of helping his business. I tried. Couple years ago, we talked about a collaboration but for some reason it didn’t push through. I didn’t realize he was already sick.

I wish I was still in California. Please help Audrey and the farm, for all I could do at this point is to pray, wish, and send her and the buffaloes all the best. However, that’s never going to be enough. Please help by donating.


For more information about his funeral services please check the link below.

You can also help by partaking in Craig’s Benefit Dinner at Seven Hills Restaurant in San Francisco next week. More details below.