Be your own Valentine with Luz De La Riva Intimate Couture and Toiletries

By Josette Vigil Jelveh
Photography by Vincent Gotti
Product shots courtesy of Luz De La Riva

The season of hearts is not only between two people. So ladies if you find you’re playing a game of solitaire this Valentine’s day, don’t stress. This is a great time to reconnect with that individual who has always been there for you; yourself. Start your evening with some nice jazz or bossa nova music in the background or whatever vibe spells “sexy” to you.

When you feel beautiful, you feel sensual. Take the extra three or four minutes to primp yourself and feel pretty — just for you. Create a bathing ritual; light candles, run a bath, add a foaming bath gel, and submerge yourself in a warm tub. There’s nothing like warm suds on your naked body to pump up the sensuality factor and remind you how important it is to take time to reconnect with yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Go fill up the tub, set the mood with candles and fill the room with intoxicating and alluring aromas. The Luxurious Luz De La Riva line of body treatments and candles with its aphrodisiac and pheromone qualities will surely hit the spot.

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