Big Night Restaurant Group to Shift Plans for a Marlowe Burger Window

EWP2014_marlowe_brannan-3673 (1)Big Night Restaurant Group, who quietly announced late last year the addition of a burger window at beloved SoMa neighborhood restaurant Marlowe, has shifted its plans to something bigger and better – a brand new pop-up burger joint and private dining space at its original 330 Townsend Street location. Due to the high volume of customers at Brannan Street and the less than alluring new SoMa subway line construction, owners Anna Weinberg and James Nicholas were inspired to give James Beard nominated chef Jennifer Puccio’s burger its own space. The shift in plans will also offer diners a more accessible location.

“While we’re thrilled the community has so whole-heartedly embraced the new restaurant, the volume of diners has made it difficult to open a burger window,” said managing partner and owner James Nicholas of Big Night Restaurant Group. “That, plus the combination of the new subway line construction and the remaining time on our lease at 330 Townsend Street, got us thinking about giving Marlowe Burger its own space and what better place than where the burger was born.”

Securing a lease extension at 330 Townsend Street, the group will now transition the original space into a pop-up serving the Marlowe Burger during the day while transforming it into an intimate private dining space in the evening.

Other featured menu items will include Marlowe favorites such as the crispy fried chicken sandwich, Brussels sprout chips, and a variety of cookies, brownies and bite-size treats from renowned Chief Pastry Officer Emily Luchetti.

Marlowe Burger is slated to open April 1. For more information, contact Marlowe at 415–777–1413.