GEV Magazine’s Spring Issue 15.0

Kaye Cloutman

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Spring is always a time for new beginnings and I have to admit that in this issue more than any other, the pleasure of blossoming in the company of so many women powerhouses in various industries has truly given the GEV team a sense of significance. Fresh from the 8th Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine, my spirit is renewed. The matchless tandem of Food & Wine Magazine publisher Christina Grdovic and Editor in chief Dana Cowin spearheaded a movement in the culinary world where women are deservingly celebrated as the kitchen champions that they truly are.

How fabulous it was, to be able to interact with Michelin star chef Dominique Crenn & Food & Wine Best New Chef Stephanie Izard, along with revered female chefs from all over the country including Alex Guarnaschelli, Gabi Quinonez, Laura Werlin, Brooke Williamson, Angela Tamura, Elizabeth Falkner, Anita Lo, Jenn Louis, Cindy Pawlcyn, Yulanda Santos, Antonia Lofaso, Elizabeth Blau, Lissa Doumani and Liza Shaw. Despite their celebrity stature, these women bring comfort back with their food not only because they are masters behind the stove, but because their persona and passions nurture the soul as well.

I would be remiss to not mention how the ladies have played a huge role in the oenophiles’ realm too, especially in the world-class region of the Napa Valley. In this issue, mother and daughter tandem Amelia and Dalia Ceja of Ceja Vineyards show us why we should be getting more excited about the combination of wine, women and diverse ethnicity. Mixed together, this could actually be a perfect combination for future generations to toast, and their refreshingly fun, delicious and approachable style make drinking every glass feel almost like having a fiesta in your mouth.



There’s something sincerely exceptional when women combine forces and we at GEV intuitively know this magic from experience. You see, it is a constant challenge for us to provide a platform which upholds and promotes gender equality but make no mistake – our publication will always be a level playing field for both sexes. I guess we lucked out too because it really helps that the men we work with continue to support and believe in us as well.

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