Make an illuminating dedication to your love this Valentine’s Day


By Annabelle Marceno Pericin

On January 26, 2016, the relighting of The Bay Lights on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge once again lit up the distinctive city scape of San Francisco and will be a permanent fixture of The Bay Bridge. Conceived and permitted as a two-year installation, the original artwork shone nightly from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from March 5, 2013, to March 5, 2015. The visionary behind The Bay Lights was Ben Davis, Founder and President of ILLUMINATE, and the world’s largest LED light sculpture was created by internationally renowned artist Leo Villarreal. ILLUMINATE successfully led the effort to return The Bay Lights as a permanent installation and gifted The Bay Lights to the state of California and its residents in exchange for the state’s ongoing stewardship.

The Bay Lights is one of the largest pieces of public art in history and is ILLUMINATE’s flagship project. ILLUMINATE’s aspirational mission of changing humanity’s future for the better via public art is a reflection of their core beliefs. The best of their projects will always be radically accessible, free to experience and widely viewable. “I am fueled by a passion for infrastructure, the complicated and collaborative manmade networks that connect humanity. To me, infrastructure is a clear expressions of civilization,” shares Davis.

By dedicating a light in honor of a friend, family member, in memoriam, special occasion or simply as a way to connect to art history, you are joining #ShineItForward ILLUMINATE’s movement of awe and wonder. Your tax-deductible donation will help create new and inspiring works of radically accessible public art. And your dedication, like The Bay Lights, will become a permanent fixture of the Bay Bridge, shining for years to come.

Dedicate your Bay Light at

***No new dedications will be accepted once all 25,000 lights are claimed.

Featured image icon by Tubay Yabut Photography