Orkut Buyukkokten, CEO & CO-Founder of

Orkut Buyukkokten, CEO & CO-Founder of

By Kaye Cloutman

There are approximately 7.2 billion people in the planet, and we’re all related or interconnected one way or another, even without the internet. At times I can’t help but wonder how life would be for everyone without it, but then perhaps the internet is merely an amplifier of all the existing connections we have as humans. This topic seems to be the one thing pounding hardest in my head at the moment. It’s impossible to expect I’d ever meet more than a tiny fraction of the world’s population but one can always dream. In this issue we are privileged to celebrate Orkut Buyukkokten who has in essence made it possible for many of us to connect in a way that simultaneously demonstrates our individuality as well as all we share in common.

This is also quite an exciting time for many aspiring entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, as Silicon Valley is like a petri dish never lacking in creative and innovative ideas for inspired technology pioneers to turn into the next big thing. It’s also interesting to see how many millennials are developing a refined taste for great food and wine. In this Chef en Glam section we focus on the future of food consumption with renowned chef Quique Dacosta; a three Michelin-starred chef whose restaurant is also currently in the top 50 of the San Pellegrino list of World’s Best.

Through the convivial and artful wine hostess Deborah Parker Wong, we introduce the concept of decoding wine appreciation for those wanting to take their wine education and understanding to a higher level. With yet another culinary adventure, we tell the uplifting feature story of Five Marys Farms, detailing how Silicon Valley-based couple Brian and Mary Heffernan decided to leave tech to follow their passion of farming and producing pasture-raised meats.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, the congenial Chef Srijith Gopinathan of Campton Place shares his food methodology and makes us realize that like in a tech startup, the key to achieving true success in your career is in finding balance.

All around the world, regardless of the speed of our connection, we are all bound by our shared humanity. Here’s hoping this latest issue of GEV highlights some of the best things we have in common, and, who knows? Perhaps it will lead us to meet one day, over a meal and a glass of wine.


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Executive Producer: Kaye Cloutman