Balfegó Held its First Kaitai Show for José Andrés

Juan Serrano, Executive Director of Balfegó, Montse Brull, José Andrés and Manel Balfegó, co-president of the company. (PRNewsfoto/Balfegó)

Balfegó presented yesterday at La Nacional a Kaitai Show for representatives of the culinary industry, international and local chefs and culinary media in New York City. Renowned chefs such as José Andrés attended this spectacle. Balfegó’s mission is to catch, ranch, study and sell Bluefin tuna, under a sustainable corporate social responsibility system that ensures the continuity of the species.

Balfegó’s initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of the processes they develop in order to safeguard Bluefin tuna. The kaitai show presented by Balfegó provided data on the morphology and life habits of this king of the seas, in addition to information on the system that allows Balfegó to certify that each piece of tuna has been captured according to regulation. This system ensures the continuity of the species and proves that Balfegó acts within the frame of international Organization-assigned quotas.

General View (PRNewsfoto/Balfegó)

Manel Balfegó co-President Chairman attended the kaitai-show with Nobuyuki Tajiri, the renowned Japanese master tuna cutter. Mr. Tajiri is renowned in the industry as the most experienced tuna master in Spain.

Balfegó is a leading exporter of top quality fresh bluefin tuna. Its management model and its pioneering traceability process that enables individual identification and accreditation of every single tuna in order to preserve the species for the future have become a reference worldwide. Balfegó exports fresh bluefin tuna to more than 30 countries and flies tuna from the coast of Tarragona (Spain) to the most prestigious restaurants in the world. Balfegó represents 25% of the bluefin tuna imports in the United States.