Rabbit Hole Distillery Hops Toward Opening

Rabbit Hole, a celebrated new edition to the revered bourbon industry, is set to open a highly anticipated, immersive distillery campus this spring, poised to redefine the standard of the American distillery. The forthcoming, welcoming visitors in May 2018, is a transformative way for guests to uncover the art and science of bourbon. Barrels will char and bourbon will flow by the gallons when the distillery opens its doors for a massive grand opening celebration planned over the iconic Kentucky Derby weekend.

Set in Louisville’s progressive NuLu neighborhood on the 700 blocks of Jefferson and Market streets, the distillery showcases the identity, tradition, and legacy of bourbon making in a whole new way. Visitors to the awe-inspiring new distillery will encounter an all-encompassing experience unlike any other distillery in the country.  Upon entering, guests will gain insight into the distillation process of Rabbit Hole’s innovative products from start to finish, end their experience in one of the tasting bars partnered with famed  Proprietors LLC. – the masterminds behind NYC’s Death & Co and L.A.’s The Walker Inn – and then come back for more.

“Rabbit Hole was born out of love for bourbon and a desire to showcase the beauty and depth of American Whiskey. The distillery is designed to reflect our philosophy of authenticity and transparency. I want our guests to get excited about bourbon; I want Rabbit Hole to tantalize their senses, cultivate palates and educate hearts and minds of our visitors and new whiskey consumers,” shared Kaveh Zamanian, Rabbit Hole Founder and Whiskey Maker. “Our goal is to showcase bourbon heritage and share exciting new innovations in the industry, all in an effort to have our guests fall in love with bourbon the way I did, knowing that once you taste it, there is no going back.”

The 55,000 square foot Rabbit Hole Distillery packs a punch. With an annual production capacity of 1.2 million proof gallons (roughly 20,000 barrels), Rabbit Hole will be on the top 20 list of largest bourbon distilleries in the world. It also gives the brand the ability to scale and contract distill, providing Rabbit Hole a natural competitive advantage in the industry. Their 24-inch copper column still, custom-built by Vendome Copper & Brass Works, takes center position at the operation, representing a point of pride for Rabbit Hole and the craftsmen who built it.

In addition to its production facility, the distillery is designed to raise the bar for Louisville and Kentucky distillery tourism. Offering a campus where guests will want to dine, sip, tour, host events and return to experience it over and over again. Through expertly curated tours, the distillery allows visitors to peel back the veil of the once secretive world of bourbon. Rabbit Hole is a brand built on transparency of their mash bills and ethos, and the distillery is no different, offering deeply exploratory experiences into the art and science of distilling. With every visit, guests will discover different aspects of the distilling process, and in turn hold a greater sense of appreciation for the spirit.

Designed by award-winning architects Doug Pierson and Youn Choi of Pod A+D, the Rabbit Hole Distillery is a place where the art and science of distilling meld beautifully with the design of the building. The campus is broken down into three parts: a grand atrium, an inviting event space, and an expansive warehouse, each offering cutting-edge design elements never before seen in a bourbon distillery.

The crowning jewel of the entire distillery, the atrium, is 65 feet high and completely encased in glass, showcasing all of the components of whiskey making including tanks, the still, cooker, mash cooler and more, as well as back of house features typically unseen. It serves as a grand meeting place when visitors first enter the building, a necessary element in a campus offering many twists, turns, and nooks to lose oneself within. The expansive warehouse is derived from a Tire Company Warehouse, with the original footprint maintained and adaptively reutilized, a non-traditional approach for a distillery. This design allows the building’s unique history to become a part of the distillery’s overall story, synonymous with the adaptive theme of redevelopment in NuLu and Rabbit Hole’s contemporary approach, all while respecting the industry’s rich history.

There are no brief samples and exiting through the gift shop at this distillery, as Rabbit Hole wants you to get lost in the magic and linger as long as you wish. Guests can indulge in the ultimate Rabbit Hole sips, both straight and within cocktails at a tasting bar featuring a menu curated by Proprietors LLC.

The partnership delivers a world-class cocktail program set to redefine the Louisville spirits community. Proprietors will use their varied experience to bring a new approach to the cocktail program, one that will have a deep respect for whiskey while embracing both local and international flavors and techniques. Cocktails will be divided into four sections: Refreshing, From the Market, Adventurous, and Spirituous, each embodying a concise narrative and appealing to a wide spectrum of guests. With beautifully furnished lounge areas offering breathtaking views of downtown Louisville, visitors will want to stay and sip on Rabbit Hole long after their tour has ended. The Rabbit Hole Distillery will also offer decadent bites at a modern restaurant within the distillery campus.

Located on the third floor, the Rabbit Hole Distillery event space, referred to as “The Overlook,” is the highest point over the warehouse, offering a stunning never-before-seen view of downtown Louisville as well as the bridges on the Ohio river. The event space, and distillery, will reshape the Louisville skyline while also supplying an incredible new space to hold a multitude of events within Louisville. The Overlook also offers a rare peek into the distillery, providing a fascinating element for any gathering it plays host to.
Born in 2012, Rabbit Hole introduced a forward-thinking approach to bourbon making, while paying homage to the time-honored tradition of the craft. A self-proclaimed outsider, Zamanian was inspired by tradition and heritage of Kentucky bourbon but decided to build a distillery and develop products with a modern and unconventional philosophy in the heart of Louisville’s urban bourbon trail. Rabbit Hole unifies heritage techniques with innovative mash bills, creating four unique expressions of spirits including Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks and London Dry Gin, each redefining the native language. Louisville, Kentucky is the city where bourbon has been proudly crafted according to tradition for generations.  Rabbit Hole is where new traditions come to life. And once you go down the rabbit hole, there’s no going back™. For more information on Rabbit Hole and its cutting-edge distillery, please visit www.rabbitholedistilling.com.