Ready for dessert?

Many moons ago, I met Amy Reiley at The Napa Truffle Festival dinner in La Toque. I didn’t know that she’s an author of such captivating and tempting cookbooks… and OH THE TRUFFLES that night at the dinner! It was so sexquisite! Truffles are usually associated with sexual attraction, and they elicit an immediate response from me. After reading her cookbooks, it was clear that she was an amorous Goddess of sensual, romantic gastronomy.

Amy’s E-book is called “Eat Cake Naked: aphrodisiac desserts to heat up your love life”. Have I got your attention yet? This is serious stuff for those of you who might be looking for a little culinary and passionate adventure. After all, it is February – the most romantic month of the year.

Not only are cakes featured here, but there are whole sections on other baked goods such as pies, parfaits, muffins, cookies, and sauces to top them all off. Some of the most delightful recipes are Love Slave Balsamic Cherry Chocolate Chunk Brownies, Chipotle-Spiked Strawberry Cream Pie, Dark Chocolate Ganache and Easy Dulce De Leche. Thorough and detailed discussions of the ingredients, tools and techniques are included to make these sensual and lustful treats easy to create in your own kitchen.

How can making dessert heat up your love life? 

Award-winning food writer, aphrodisiac expert and dessert lover Amy Reiley offers a new reason to get into the kitchen. Her latest cookbook, Eat Cake Naked: aphrodisiac desserts to heat up your love life, is a dessert book like no other. This cookbook not only offers modern dessert recipes with easy instructions, but it’s the only cookbook around that will improve your love life while satisfying your sweet tooth.

For this book, Reiley, known as a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods, collaborated with Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and nutritional expert Delahna Flagg. Together they’ve created a truly life-changing twist on baking with Eat Cake Naked. The book offers an entire menu of desserts that incorporate the latest superfoods known to ignite the flames of passion…and they’re not just desserts to find you romance.

These are the kind of recipes you’ll want to reach for every time you make dessert. Think:
Avocado-Vanilla Bean Pots de Crème
Black Sesame Wedding Cookies
5-Spice Apples in Syrup
Cherry Bomb Cupcakes
Dark Chocolate Ganache

But not only does Eat Cake Naked provide you with go-to recipes for heating things up in the kitchen and the bedroom, it gives you the tools to upgrade any dessert in your recipe file with aphrodisiac ingredients. By the end of this book you’ll know how to swap out ingredients in any recipe to turn all your favorite desserts into something that will supercharge your sex life.

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