Oakland Vocalist Katie Colver Releases Uncompromising Rock Anthems 
with Hard-Hitting Quartet on New EP, Dollars to Tokens
Set for National Release on May 3, 2019

An ambitious followup to Cave Clove‘s eponymous 2016 full-length studio album, Dollars to Tokensdemonstrates a potent formula for why vocalist/songwriter Katie Colver and her band are on a fast track emerging as one of the Bay Area’s most compelling new acts. Dollars to Tokens presents five unflinching chronicles of Colver’s own emotional yet often existential triumphs and struggles. Set to psych-rock infused production brimming with electrifying guitars and a West Coast Americana songwriting sensibility, Colver explores what it means to follow one’s most fervent dreams, while addressing all of the risks and sacrifices that such a journey entails. Set aside some time to delve into these anthemic stunners while Colver and Cave Clove dive to the depths of her idiosyncratic psyche. 

“This EP is about the dance between self-actualization and self-sabotage,” Cave Clove frontwoman Katie Colver says of her band’s new five-song release Dollars to Tokens. “A vigorous impulse to experience things as deeply and fully as possible has haunted me for my whole life. I’m quick to throw myself into the fire, push myself right to the edge of my comfort zone, or beyond, with a goal of becoming stronger. These new songs reflect a sense of recklessness and coming to terms with what’s sacred in this life.”

Dollars to Tokens finds Cave Clove teaming up with Oakland favorite Chris Daddio (Everyone is Dirty), whose distinctive production paints a kaleidoscope of guitars and strings as the backdrop to Colver’s radiant vocals. The EP’s lead single, “Edge of Emergency,” echos the chaotic state of the world and the band’s own indie-rock odyssey, positing a revolution that’s as personal as it is political. In response to the former, Colver suggests the rapid destruction of our environment and society may make such a reawakening a timely one.

“How much longer can we run around like crazy people with blinders on chasing a pipe dream?,” asks Colver. “Something’s got to give. Maybe we’ll soon be collectively ready for a new approach.” 

On the emotionally raw “I’m Still Trying,” Colver’s unabashed lyrics unearth desperate attempts to keep a relationship together in the midst of ongoing pain. “I’m Still Trying” juxtaposes that perseverance and commitment can manifest beautiful rewards even in the face of daunting barriers. 

The memorable phrase Dollars to Tokens comes from “Sage Advice,” a title referring to finding meaning amongst a set of equally viable emotional options, and ultimately allowing fate to decide which road to choose. “Rocked,” according to Colver, was inspired by “seeing how my haphazard patterns are affecting my relationships. It’s almost like pleading to my partner to give me another chance. I know I need to make changes, and I’m ready.”

“Velvet Coat,” meanwhile, is “mostly about the idea of life being a joke or a dream, and how there’s a healing aspect to living with such a mindset. The choices we make guide our lives. The song mentions things that could really get me down (i.e. deceit, arrogance), but I choose to have a more positive outlook.”

It’s that forthright courage that marks Cave Clove as a singular band, and makes Dollars to Tokens a captivating listening experience. “My main goal,” Colver asserts, “is to make people feel, and feel intensely. I gravitate towards writing rock ballads. The emotional sensitivity of inspired melodies intertwined with a rough-hewn indie-rock foundation is an exciting home base for me.”

Cave Clove celebrates Dollars to Tokens with a special headlining CD release concert at Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) on Friday, May 3, 2019. Cave Clove will tour in select markets throughout the West Coast, The Rockies, and Midwest in spring/summer 2019. For a comprehensive list of Cave Clove’s forthcoming tour dates, please visit:

Cave Clove
Dollars to Tokens
(Release Date: May 3, 2019)

Track List:
1. Edge of Emergency
2. I’m Still Trying 
3. Sage Advice 
4. Rocked 
5. Velvet Coat