About the Magazine

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GEV Magazine
is a quarterly food and fashion digital magazine catering to upmarket foodies and fashionistas all over the globe. With discriminating sensibilities, GEV Magazine presents the finest chefs, winemakers, sommeliers, recipes, dining, fashion, glamour, style, shopping, and industry trends to provide our readers a truly elevated lifestyle experience.

GEV Magazine was created to set a new trend; our publication aims to promote the concept that tasteful and healthy cuisine goes hand in hand with beauty, grace, elegance and style. We believe there is in fact a symbiotic relationship between the two, and in highlighting this, we strive to inspire our audience to appreciate the joyous marriage of gourmet cuisine and haute couture.

Here you will find a regular serving of the very finest offerings of both these exciting art forms.

Target Market

AAA, AA, A and B global consumers

Target Location Share

North America (United States 67% Mexico 2.3% and Canada 4.1%)
Europe (15% including United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and Finland)
South America (3.7% Brazil)
Asia (4.8% including Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia and India)
Australia (3.1%)

Profile of Readers

Female 56%
Male 44%

Age Group

21-32 years old 10%
33-40 years old 42%
41-55 years old 36%
55 and above 12%