Cook With Integrity Using Cat Cora’s New Line of Gourmet Foods From Gaea

Her Gaea product line debuts at the Winter Fancy Food Show

By Kaye Cloutman, Photography by Denice Sy

Decades ago, Dorothy was worried about Lions and Tigers and Bears. Today her fears may include some of modern days most frightening assailants – additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients embedded within mainstream food products. While there may be no place like home for Dorothy, Greece is home to Gaea, producer of 100% pure and natural cooking products the entire family can enjoy, worry-free. With a dazzling line of all-natural and organic pure Greek cooking sauces, olives,tapenades, and Carbon Neutral extra virgin olive oils, Gaea, which means Mother Earth, is a safe haven for natural, healthy culinary products. Easing minds and appetites, Gaea products are purely delicious. Cooking healthy meals can pose a challenge for parents whether it is busy schedules or inaccessibility to the appropriate ingredients.

Nevertheless, the desire to provide nutritious and wholesome diets for kids ranks high on parents list of priorities. Healthy cooking does not need to be expensive, complicated, or bland. While there may be no yellow brick road to follow, tracing the beautiful beaches, lush landscape, stunning architecture, aromatic flavors and spices of Greece is a great place to start. Cultivated in the fertile growing regions of Greece, Gaea products are harvested in traditional fashion, handpicked for quality assurance, and cold-pressed within 24 hours to ensure optimal freshness. Gaea products are easy to use and incorporate and add a unique twist to every day eating.

The best part of it all? Iron Chef Cat Cora joins the admirable team of Gaea as she launched her Cat Cora Gaea line of products recently at the Winter Fancy Foods show. We absolutely love her aura and bubbly personality! We savored the Oleoteca tasting and and snacked happily on the fabulous Kalamata Olives that were showcased during the show. She was truly proud of their shared venture to promote Greek culinary culture and lifestyle as found in Cat Cora’s Kitchen line of olive oils, sauces, tapenades and Cat Cora’s own version of the traditional Greek Oxymelo Barrel-Aged Vinegar and Thyme Honey.

In Ancient Greece, Oxymelo Vinegar had the distinction of being the most commonly used condiment in all of Greek cuisine, known frequently as the “Greek” version of Balsamic vinegar. Today, it is used generously to round out everything from lamb and stews, to irresistible hunks of fresh feta cheese. Cat Cora’s Kitchen Oxymelo Vinegar and Thyme Honey is a timeless, all-natural Greek recipe that adds a complex and satisfying balance of savory and sweet flavors to just about any recipe that calls for vinegar.

The taste and quality synonymous with Gaea is a natural match for Cat Cora, who shares Gaea’s focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through the delicious and beneficial foods found in Mediterranean cuisine. Stamped with the Med Mark Seal, all Gaea products are certified as a part of the healthy Mediterranean diet, long admired for its reliance on fresh vegetables, fish, unique spices and herbs, and overall heart-healthy ingredients. A Greek Mediterranean line, Gaea introduces gourmet quality ethnic foods to the entire family – because there’s no place like a healthy, happy home.

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Gaea Ceo/Founder Aris Kefalogiannis and Cat Cora entertained the attendees of the Winter Fancy Food Show

Snacking on these olives are so much better because of their outstanding health benefits, authentic charm and superb flavor