Introducing Fermented Foods To Your Family

A guest post by Michael Stusser and Jennifer McGruther

Michael says…

“This photo is from the day I visited the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley with my family and Jennifer Bice from Redwood Hill before the very first Freestone Fermentation Festival in the Spring of 2009. Alex Hozven gave us a very complete tour and provided samples of many many fermented foods. we were all totally fascinated and my kids have been huge fans of fermented foods ever since.”

Jennifer says…

“For parents who wish to begin serving fermented foods to their children, I typically recommend ditching commercially made yogurt and preparing it at home as it takes very little effort and it can be sweetened to taste with honey, fruit or maple syrup – gradually reducing the sweetener until your children have grown accustomed to plain, unsweetened yogurt.  Additionally, children seem to do well on fermented versions of food they already know and love like ketchup, salad dressings used as dips, sour pickles and other whole vegetable ferments.”

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