The sizzling and fabulous designs of Por Do Sol Swimwear will melt your Winter blues away!

By Kaye Cloutman

I’ve known Wendy Puyat since 2004 when she had just received her Master’s degree in Visual Communications from the Ecole Supérièure de Design Industrielle-Créapole and the Sorbonne. She was the epitome of class and beauty and was, at that time, in a state of contemplation of what business venture to embark on. Being the creative artist that she is, Wendy immersed herself without more ado in graphic design, working on projects for French luxury brands including Chopard, Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier and L’Oréal.  After seven years in Paris, Wendy decided it was time to move back to Asia

Por Do Sol is a collection of swimwear and resort-wear pieces for women which embodies the glamour and playfulness Wendy.

Por Do Sol designs are adorned with semi-precious stones, embroidered appliqués, hand beading with much attention to detail. All swimwear is made from Italian-grade fabric that has passed all UV and chlorine testing and comes in a wide array of colors and finishes. Even the most daringly cut swimsuits can be worn for intense water activities.

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Q&A with Wendy Puyat:

Where do you draw inspiration for your swimwear designs?

I travel a lot and review hotels and spas and during these trips I get to visit exotic destinations that serve as my inspiration.

Why Por Do Sol?

Por do Sol means sunset in Portuguese. To me it represents everything that is reminiscent of a beautiful vacation in an exotic place far away from the usual daily routine.

What is the number one mistake women make when selecting a swimsuit?

Women can sometimes have an unhealthy body image and therefore tend to forget to play up their assets and concentrate too much on hiding everything they imagine is wrong with their bodies. The feminine form in general is truly beautiful and graceful to behold.

What is a classic swim wear design that never goes out of style?

A triangle bikini is a classic that will always be in style but there are other flattering styles that women also look really sexy in like a tastefully cut out maillot that makes a waist look tiny.

What trends should we look out for in swim wear this year?

I’m going to be doing more appliques on classic shapes like a leopard pattern and peacock feather design. I think women want to stand out and look glamorous and having a well-cut swimsuit with special details and subtle embellishments can help them achieve that. I also do resort-wear and have been getting great responses to my chiffon harem gowns, they have slits on either side of the leg and embellished necklines that look dressy and airy at the same time.  

Whose famous celebrity body would you like to design for?

I do like figures that are well kept with exercise but still retain feminine curves. I think Sarah Jessica Parker has such a figure as does Jessica Biel.

Let’s talk about your accessories. Do you design the bib necklaces as well?

I added accessories because I feel they complete a whole look and can transform an ensemble from casual to instantly glamorous. I use semi precious stones like agates and jasper on my swimwear and decided to make necklaces that also continue this look.

Who do you look up to in the fashion world?

There are so many brilliant designers worldwide but meeting some of the icons like Karl Lagerfeld and a personal idol like Diane Von Furstenburg was really a thrill for me.

Where is Por do Sol poised to go in the next 5 years?

I plan to include kids swimwear  very soon and have gotten so many requests for men’s swimsuits so I will be looking into that while concentrating on my online store

How do you maintain that body Wendy!? Do you even have a guilty edible pleasure?

I love eating I truly do! No one should deprive themselves of such a pleasure. It’s just important to have an activity that keeps you fit be it brisk walking, tennis etc and just do it regularly.

What must-have products are in your beach bag?

Always have a high spf sunblock (I like La Roche Posay, Clarins or Avene) a conditioning hair protector (I love Swim Cap by Phillip Kingsley) and non-deet bug spray (I use All Terrain Herbal Armor), lots of good hair elastics and a great pair of sunglasses.

Favorite tropical destinations?

I love Bali, Greece, Cote d’Azur, Corsica, Koh Samui and Palawan

Complete the phrase: Every woman should have ——-

A passion that keeps her inner fire burning bright be it a career, kids, special someone etc…!