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The Recchiuti Chocolate Bar Suite New Design and Inclusion Flavors

After months of research and recipe testing, Recchiuti Confections is proud to introduce its redesigned and expanded chocolate bar range. Like the subtle nuances in wine making, the alchemy of fruits, spices, nuts, and bitter notes balanced with acid makes for a compelling symphony of flavors and textures in each bar. Recchiuti Confections has augmented its solid bar line with four inclusion bars enhanced with dried fruit, caramelized nuts, toasted sesame and fleur de sel.

Recchiuti Confections’ artisan chocolate bars are made with Michael’s proprietary blends of dark and milk chocolates created by Valrhona. Each bar is scored into tile-like pieces that feature images from his sketchbooks. The packaging design is both graphic and practical, a matte black paperboard sleeve that closes with a color-coded resealable flap.

The bars are available now at the Recchiuti shop at San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace and at with national distribution to specialty stores and retailers starting November 1st.

Recchiuti Confections Artisan Chocolate Bars, 3 oz, $6.00 MSRP

B = Bittersweet – Bright, floral notes from Criollo offer a fruit-forward profile that lends just the right accent of bitter cacao, offering symmetry to the refined sweetness. An appealing balance of bitter to sweet.

F = Fève
— A French word for “broad bean”, fève is commonly used to describe cacao nibs. This bar is Michael’s exploration of chocolate’s starting point, the nib, with its end point, finished chocolate. Roasted cacao nibs impart earthy flavor, crunch and complexity to his deepest and darkest chocolate.

S = Semisweet — This smooth and complex dark chocolate blend created exclusively for Michael by Valrhona represents his ideal flavor profile. Succulent red fruit notes, slight hints of smoky tobacco and subtle tannins complement each other in a perfect earthy blend.

dM = dark Milk — For this bar, Michael chose to intensify the flavor of milk chocolate by adding a touch of dark chocolate, therefore creating a dark milk chocolate. This alchemy with milk and chocolate draws out mild cherry notes in the cacao, a creamy texture and a smooth, lingering finish.

A = Almond — Pieces of partially toasted almonds are stirred into burnt caramel syrup with a pinch of fleur de sel before the final toasting and added by hand into Recchiuti’s proprietary Semisweet blend.

sN = sesame Nougatine — A variation on Recchiuti’s Sesame Nougat Truffle. Darkly toasted white sesame seeds are cooked with cane sugar and sea salt to make a crunchy nougatine that is broken up and stirred into Michael’s dark milk chocolate.

O = Orchard
— Inspired by Michael’s fondness for pairing currants and chocolate, this bar features burnt caramel almonds, earthy mulberries, black currants, and a dash of fleur de sel in a dance with the deep cacao profile of Michael’s semisweet chocolate.

H = Hazelnut
— Chopped Oregon hazelnuts are partially roasted, then coated in burnt caramel syrup to heighten the butteriness of the nut and toasted again before sprinkling onto Michael’s custom blend milk chocolate and finished with a pinch of fleur de sel.


Recchiuti Confections Chocolate Bar Suite is available now at and the Recchiuti Confections
store in San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building Marketplace. The wholesale launch is November 1st.


One Ferry Building, Shop #30, San Francisco, CA 94111
Store Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm.
Phone: 415-834-9494

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