HandCraft Artisan Collection: A Portfolio of Wines by Women for Women

The Indelicato family is pleased to announce the release of HandCraft Artisan Collection, a portfolio of California wines tailored to fit the lifestyle of busy, modern women.  HandCraft is the creation of Cheryl Indelicato, who represents the third generation of her California winemaking family.  HandCraft Artisan Collection will launch nationally in January 2012 at $14.99 with four wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Petite Sirah.

“I grew up in a winemaking family and have always dreamed of creating my own wine with a style and flavor profile that would speak directly to women,” said Cheryl Indelicato. “As time passed, the constraints of work and family grew.  But I never gave up the idea that one day I would accomplish this goal.  My son is at an age now where I have the time to take this on.”

Cheryl began the HandCraft project in earnest nearly two years ago when she teamed up with veteran winemaker, Alicia Ysais, to develop a wine that would be fruit forward, distinct and easy to enjoy – similar to the field wine blends that Cheryl recalls from her family’s dinner table. Cheryl also sought to create wines that pair well with food, as cooking and entertaining are two of her greatest passions.

“When Alicia and I started working on HandCraft in 2010, it was really a chance for me to honor working women,” said Cheryl. “I know there are a lot of us out there – and we need all the help we can get to simplify our lives. Choosing a wine can be intimidating, so I wanted to make certain that if someone chose my wine, they would be rewarded with an enjoyable experience. As Alicia and I began work on the wine blends, we found that adding a bit of Italian and heritage varietals lifted the aromatics and fruit flavors. When it came time to give these wines a name, we settled on HandCraft – a reflection of the personal touch we put into every bottle.”

HandCraft Artisan Collection evokes the simple things in life, done well and with love—quality wines that are meant to be enjoyed, not fussed over. Cheryl honors her Italian heritage by blending the best California wines with a touch of classic Italian varietals, reinventing the field wine blends of her grandfather Gaspare’s day with a modern sensibility.

In 2012, HandCraft will donate $1 for every bottle purchased, up to $100,000, to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in order to support breast cancer research, prevention and awareness. “As a Registered Nurse, I saw the pain caused by this awful disease, both for women and their families,” said Cheryl.  “This is why I’m honored to lead a team in the 2012 3-Day Walk for the Cure in the SF Bay Area this October.”

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