Lingerie Expert Jada Michaels Gives Women Tips on Being Sexy This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is by far one of the most romantic days of the year. But what if you have just started dating and want to be sexy without sending the wrong message? What if you are a little conscious about your curves, but still want to be seducing? Can you be sexy for your Valentine without showing too much skin?

“The sexiest people know how to make it look effortless. I am such a fan of being subtly sexy. There is a fine art to seduction. It is a hint of sexiness that sparks a curiosity in discovering more about someone. Don’t give it all away at once. Get back to practicing the act of seduction. All you need to add is a hint of sexiness to spark your sweetheart’s curiosity,” says lingerie expert Jada Michaels, owner of, a leading site for lingerie and couture shoes.

How do you seduce someone without feeling awkward? Here are Jada Michaels’ great tips on being effortlessly sexy this Valentine’s Day.

1. Change your panty hose and tights for a sexy garter belt with fishnet thigh highs.

“There is nothing more seductive than your date catching a glimpse of your sexy garter. Everyone loves the look of garters and stockings. It just oozes sultriness,” says Jada Michaels. She recommends getting a sexy garter to wear on your Valentine’s date underneath your dress or pencil skirt with high heels.

“You can add some fun with fishnet stockings,” says Jada Michaels. “This is a super sexy idea that is both easy on your budget and can be worn throughout the year anytime you want to spice things up without going over the top.”

2. Jada Michaels’ favorite tip of all is answering the door in lingerie.

“Ladies, your partner will love this!” raves Jada Michaels. “The ideal situation is to prepare a candlelight dinner with wine and seductive music. Ask your sweetheart to come over a little early and surprise them at the door in nothing but a satin robe and heels. It will be the best Valentine’s present your cutie has ever gotten and will always be remembered.”

3. Jada Michaels says get rid of those worn out sweats and t-shirts that we all sleep in because we rave about their comfort.

“Come on ladies, give your sweetheart a treat and trade out your old sleepwear for a sexy nightie,” says Jada Michaels. “Not only will it give a whole new meaning to nightcap but you will feel sexier.”

Jada Michaels says, “If anything you are sleeping in is more than two years old, toss it. You need to be wearing something new that makes you feel sexy when you crawl under the covers. You need to feel sexy in order to be sexy. I challenge you to buy a satin nightie and wear it to bed one night. Just putting on the nightie will make you feel feminine and mysterious.”

Jada Michaels recommends, “If you love wearing a t-shirt to bed, pair it with a baby-t and put some super sexy panties with it. The sexy panties and tight t-shirt will give you a sexy look and still keep the comfort.”

These are excellent tips for feeling a little bit sexier on Valentine’s Day without going over the top. Not only are these great ideas for Valentine’s Day, but they make any day spicier.