Blanketed By Snow, A Remarkable White Fashion Event

A guest post by Brad Carrick of SOLZ Shoes
Photography by Jojo Serina
SNOW 2012 presented by SFBA Fashion Network

The snow levels in the Sierra’s may be way down this year, but here in San Francisco last weekend, the level was turned way up.  The annual SNOW fashion event was held last Saturday night at Cowden in SOMA and was a storming success.  After a winter day that saw sunny temperatures hit 65 degrees and our sidewalk cafes and parks filled with colorful shorts and flip flops, the real heat came after sundown in SOMA.

Cowden was transformed into a white winter wonderland, complete with white seats, amazing white lighting, white walls and, yes, even white-themed appetizers.  Now, technically the cupcake(s?) I grabbed was yellow with white frosting, but upon tasting it, I realized why – and had no objections.

The guests were asked to come in white attire from head to toe.  Most obliged, some went above and beyond – one about a foot above with a spiraling white bird stand attached to his hat.  The crowd was a feast for the eyes for sure, but the main course, of course, was the runway show.

The always-amazing Violetta Vieux showed off her knack for detail and versatility – highlights were elegant long gowns that the models could shift into cocktail dresses mid-runway.  Julie Schindler followed with striking, yet somehow practical, sets of jackets and pants.  Cana Klebanoff reminded us that men can pull of white as well – with tailored suits, jackets and pants.  If only all food were white, perhaps I would dress like this everyday.

Herbert William’s luxury collection followed, with the models wearing matching wigs that gave the models a refined-yet-edgy look.  Cari Borja turned up the fun factor with both men and women, although the men were the only ones to pull off their tops – likely leaving many in the crowd with snow on muscle beach fantasies.

As the founder of the SFBA Fashion Network, Joseph Domingo was sure to close the show with his trademark surreal, jaw-dropping work.  He did not disappoint, and I imagine I am not the only one that was left thinking, “I have no idea how he does that, but it looks amazing.”

Dessert took the form of photo opportunities with the models, mingling and mini champagne bottles.  Perhaps due to these, and the smooth beats spinning from the DJ, it was unsurprising to see the amazing crew and guests singing and dancing with their arms up in the air.  Don’t tell anyone, but I may have even seen a few people trying to make snow angels on the floor…

I can’t believe we have to wait another year to see what SNOW will do next.  I get chills even thinking about it.

Check out photos from the event

Daniel Sudar Creations

Joseph Domingo strikes a pose with the fun attendees and models

Daniel Sudar with attendees and models

Joseph Domingo with models

Violetta Vieux with model