Take a Stand! FU Foie Gras Dinners 2012

Chef Russell Jackson of Lafitte Photo courtesy of their website

On February 19, 2012, Chef Russell Jackson will host a dinner at Lafitte to kick off his FU Foie Gras Dinner Series and draw attention to the impending July 12th ban on the sale and production of Foie Gras in California.  A supporter of foie gras usage, Russell will serve an exclusive five-course dinner dedicated to the product. The first of six dinners, the FU Foie Gras Series will occur once a month beginning in February and ending in July, the day before the ban is enacted.

The special evening begins at 6:30pm and will feature a creative menu showcasing sustainably and humanely sourced foie gras in all shapes and forms. With his bold menu and carefully crafted plates, Chef Jackson aims to inspire foie enthusiasts and convert first-time diners.

The dinner is priced at $89 per person and guests can make reservations online or by calling the restaurant at 415 839 2134.

Foie Gras Sample Menu

Strasburg Pie Lafitte Version 2 – “I love myself and I don’t share”

Foie Gras Dumpling, Foie Gras Broth, Black Truffle

Oysters, Fingerling Potatoes, Bacon, Cured Haddock & Foie Gras

Foie Risotto, Almond, Pursulane, Nettles

Duck Pot au Feu (Tongue, Offal, Foie Gras, Cured Duck Breast, Wild Mushrooms)

Sweetbreads, Foie Gras, Parsnip Cage

Roulade of Capon and Foie Gras

Foie Gras Doughnut, Foie Coffee Cream, Carmelized Candied Vodovan Foie Gras – Foie Gras Cereal Milk Shake

Each month, Russell will host a foie gras dinner.  The upcoming dates for the dinners are scheduled for March 15th, April 29th, May 17th, June 17th, and July 11th.