Deefind’s Feminine Ferocity – A Lady’s Best Ally For Her Sole

By Kaye Cloutman

Any Bay Area fashionista immersed in the local industry knows Deefind by heart; and the towering beauty of owner Dierdre Wallace is definitely something you can’t miss, especially now, as she’s become one of San Francisco’s most-admired fashion personalities. Her electrifying shoe designs will bring out the oomph and attitude needed for any woman to rock it whether she’s on the dance floor or strolling through the city on her way to a luncheon meeting.

Deirdre is one of the featured personalities in our current issue and we were really impressed with her dreams and goals for this year.

Where are you headed this 2012?

Entering 2012 brought the unanimous feeling from all the folks here that ‘this is going to be our year’.  This sets a tone and emotion of powerful and positive energy, focusing on the rewards as our goals are attained.  It’s time to shine.  I’m empowered by that same mentality, and thrilled to see what unfolds for me in regards to my work as this year is dedicated to growing my business deeFind.  Shoe design is my ultimate love, passion and dream.  It’s time – GAME ON.

What’s your 2012 Resolution?

Each year we’re given a fresh start. Within this year I hope to achieve more growth on a spiritual and physical level as I follow my journey through this obstacle of life, facing new challenges, overcoming hard lessons, learning and accepting the importance of each one.  A 2012 resolution for me is learning how to handle my stress better, so I don’t internalize it.

Best Edible Discovery 2011?

A couple months ago I started eating meat for the first time in 15 years and my taste buds went crazy over goat cheese stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon.

Greatest Achievement of 2011?

My greatest achievement of 2011 was pursuing my dream of being an entrepreneur with the launch of my women’s high fashion shoe line, deeFind.

Check out her designs!

Today we help Dierdre with the production of her 2012 Spring/Summer Collection. Being a self-funded entrepreneur has started to become quite challenging so she decided to launch a campaign with IndieGoGo to help raise funds from supporters and friends.  It would mean the world to her if you could take a peek at her campaign for creating stylish, eco-friendly shoes with ethical and sustainable core values behind its brand.

Watch her Indiegogo Campaign Video

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