Andrea Bocelli and the Bocelli Family Introduce New Prosecco and Sangiovese

TERRE DI SANDRO IGT The wine is aptly named Terre di Sandro which translates to “Earth of Sandro” – Sandro being Alberto and Andrea’s father.

Andrea Bocelli, the world’s largest-selling classical artist of all time with over 70 million CDs sold, has introduced a new line of wines with his brother, Alberto Bocelli. Since 1881, the Bocelli family has made small amounts of classic Italian wines on their Tuscan estate.  Now, for the very first time, they have expanded production, including partnerships with other growers, to introduce Bocelli Prosecco and Bocelli Sangiovese.

“When I return home after my long trips, the joy that I receive from the taste of wine from my land is hard to match.  It brings me back in time, to memories of my father, of him pouring the wine with a quasi-religious respect.  I would give anything for him to see what has been accomplished in the past few years. I am sure he would be proud,” says Andrea.

To bring the wines to the global market, Bocelli has partnered with August Wine Group, a leading importer and branding firm for Italian wines. Since 2006, the company has imported Bocelli’s micro-production cult wines under the company’s boutique banner, Small Vineyards. The Bocelli Family Wines brand represents a marriage of two very powerful trends: the undeniable success of Prosecco and Italian wine sales in general, and the phenomenal career of Andrea Bocelli, which has reached new heights in recent years, making him “the most popular opera singer of all time” according to the New York Times .

Joshua Hanson, August Wine Group co-founder and Director, notes “After 6 years of working with Alberto and Andrea, the passion they have for their wines is plain to see.  They are very serious about it, and the wines are truly excellent. It is exciting, to put it mildly, to be part of such a powerful brand, and to be associated with a family that is such a force for good in the world.”

The Bocelli Prosecco and Sangiovese have just launched in New York, Texas, Illinois, Washington and Oregon. Both wines will retail for $19.99.  “We have had some really great feedback from the trade,” notes Bob Guinn, Executive Vice President of August Wine Group.  “Everyone definitely understands Andrea’s popularity; they love the wines, and have made commitments to support the brand.  We should easily reach our sales target of 20,000 cases this half year.”

The Bocelli Prosecco and Sangiovese will be available throughout the U.S. by the end of the summer, prior to Bocelli’s U.S. concert dates during the holidays of 2012.

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