Our 1313 Main Reasons to Celebrate Wine Wednesday in Downtown Napa

By Regard Tang
Video Slideshow Images by Matthew Brandalise
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Arriving at the distinctive 1313 Main Wine Bar in Napa last Wednesday was without a doubt a refreshing reward especially after our seemingly endless two and a half hour traffic-jammed trip from the South Bay. My friends and I really took pleasure in toasting our glasses at a modern and stylish wine bar filled with such fab people. The overall ambiance is outstanding and the seating provided was super comfortable. I imagine this place would make for a great date night or to just hang out with your peers who share a common love for wine and fun. The clientele at 1313 Main is pretty eclectic with regular patrons ranging from an age group of mid-20-somethings to older tourists and local residents. Notable among the clientele, and somewhat indicative of the classy folks you will find there, is that it is a favorite go-to spot for local winemakers and chefs who want to wind down after a long and busy day of work.

Al Jabarin, 1313 Main’s classy owner (who reminded us a little of Robert Downey in his suave persona of Tony Stark), showed us around the swanky wine bar. The cozy venue carries an incredibly large selection of liquid aromatic elixirs from library reserve wines to gourmet beer. On that Wine Wednesday night, the revered Dennis Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars graced everyone with his magnetic presence and superb bottles. It was an honor to meet him in person especially since we’ve been fans of his wines for such a long time.

A great portion of the collection of 1313 Main’s wines are from California since they are really focused on and supportive of the local winemakers, though you won’t have a shortage of great other tasting options from countries like Italy, Chile, Argentina, Spain and France as well. Tasting notes questions? Not to worry! The staff is knowledgeable, engaging and really helpful. For a greenhorn like me, I really valued the extra attention I got and their suggestions on food pairings with the wine you order. As for having a wow factor, the exceptional spot in the house that evening was the private tasting room with an amazing table that highlighted 1313’s brand on inconspicuous places; from a design standpoint this room was in truth very impressive. It also housed 32 lockers for exclusive members where they are given a compartment for wines they’d like to store for their next private gathering.

Speaking of design, each aspect of the layout of the wine bar had its own distinct identity and one could really see the impeccable planning that went to creating such an inviting setup. As soon as we returned to our table, two lovely glasses of champagne with a delightful plate of Goat Cheese waited patiently and I tell you, my taste bud experience from this pairing was beyond unforgettable. I enjoyed the Sweeter By The Minute Flight beside Brut Prestige champagne, 2010 St. Urbans-Hop, Riesling, Germany; 2004 Topaz, Sauvignon Blanc and NV Heitz, “Ink Grade” Port, Napa paired with the Chef Selection of the Blue Cheese. I personally love white wine, so I had a particular liking to the Sweeter flight – it was perfect! 2004 Topaz is my favorite. Obviously on the fruitier side, it was the ideal wine to cap off a great dinner. On regular days, I see myself sipping on the refreshing 2010 St Urbans-Hop. It has wonderful citrus and lychee notes which can launch a dancing spree from me anytime. Overall, I give 1313 Main a thumbs-up for their superb chef pairing menu and their choice of local blue cheese to pair with their wines.

Be sure to visit them soon and have an extraordinary Winemaker Wednesday experience in Napa all year round!

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May 30th Ziata Wines
June 6th Robert Craig
June 13th Antica Napa Valley
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There is a $25 charge for a flight of wine, and that will be waived with a 3 bottle purchase. If a guest buys one bottle, they take 10% off the bottle price. The events are from 6-8pm.

Visit them at
1313 Main Street  Napa, CA 94559
(707) 258-1313
Hours Tue-Thu, Sun from 11am – 10pm
Fri-Sat 11am – 12am

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