Hoss Zare – On Social Media, Traveling And His Own Unique Sense of Style

By Kaye Cloutman
Photography by Vincent Gotti

I’ve watched my good friend Chef Hoss Zare through the years, and borne witness to many of the milestones and challenges he faced in his restaurant career. Hoss is after all an open book, and he has an innate ability to make everyone feel important even if they’re just “virtual” friends. Perhaps one of the most engaging chefs I know, Hoss was one of the first who saw the potential of social media in its infancy and utilized the technology right away to connect with others online, and has lovingly nurtured his audience, educated people about his food, culture and the real restaurant scene in the Bay Area.

“I am just fascinated because in facebook, whenever I post something humorous or food-related, hundreds comment on it and they chat about it amongst themselves on threads. I really appreciate that. I love that this platform enables everyone all over the world to just communicate and enjoy conversing on things and the color of their skin, political views and gender is never an issue” Hoss says  while flipping pages from GEV Magazine Issue 2.0. “Here’s my take on fashion, I’m not big on designer labels but I appreciate wearing pieces that actually have sentimental value” he adds. “These two rings symbolize my parents who have passed away, I wear it on my left hand because its the closest to my heart.”

A recent medical condition of his – one I could personally relate to so well, however, prompted Hoss to immediately shift his focus more towards the essential things in life, and I certainly was able to taste the difference from my recent visit to Zare at Flytrap.

The difference is the recent addition to their team of Chef Zack Freitas, whose culinary background includes kitchen experience in restaurants like Manresa, Commis and Station 1. Chef Zack executes every dish at Zare’s Flytrap with a more sophisticated and artful twist to his already superb Persian and Mediterranean dishes. The result is definitely sexy and gives sommelier Rafael Jimenez Rivera an excitement in pairing food and wine like he’s never done in the past. With this innovative and dependable staff, Hoss is able to do what he loves best: working the floors, engaging his diners, traveling and even becoming one of our contributors!

We welcome him to the GEV Family and look forward with much excitement to chronicling his food, wine and travel escapades in the near future.

The winning tandem! Chef Zack Freitas and Chef Hoss Zare.

The Chilled Soup ~ split peas, leek, potato, olive oil, herbs garnished with english peas parsley, lemon juice and zest and olive oil.

I love this! Super refreshing and bursting with flavor - The Minted Memory drink made of Bombay gin, Pimm's No.1, lemon juice and "sekanjabin" minted vinegar syrup

Little Gem Salad made with Avocado, Tomato, Pita and Pressed Yogurt. Suggested wine pairing: Lemelson Reisling, Willamette Valley Oregon 2008

Diver Scallops, Asparagus, Prosciutto and Potatoes. Suggested wine pairing: Schug sauvignon, Sonoma Coast, California 2011

Our wonderful server Meg Bell who was utterly stylish that evening!

Wild King Salmon, Freekeh, Pecan, Parsley Root and Lebni. Suggested wine pairing: Georges Skouras Moscofilero Greece 2010

Braised Goat, Bean Stew, Pickled Carrots and Spring Onion. Suggested wine pairing: Chateau Musar Cinsault / Syrah Lebanon 2009

"Lokma dessert" with coffee, lavender, strawberry ice cream

Chef Hoss Zare proudly shows off his feature in GEV Magazine.

A pair that's very close to his heart.