The Kor Group Announces “A Temporary Offering” At The Renoir Hotel In San Francisco – A Pop-Up Collaboration Of Local Businesses

The Kor Group (Kor) will bring new life to San Francisco’s Mid-Market district starting June 2012 with A Temporary Offering (ATO), an exciting new pop-up concept that integrates virtually an entire city block and creates an urban destination on the ground floor of Kor’s newly acquired Renoir Hotel. ATO consists of three carefully curated venues: a restaurant helmed by FoodLab with daily lunch service and a line-up of both A-list and up-and-coming chefs populating the space by night as well as a large, licensed commercial kitchen available for rent; Rio Grande, a bar created by renowned cocktail and spirit consulting company The Bon Vivants; and Trailhead, the Luggage Store Gallery’s satellite retail project bringing together locally-roasted coffee, a youth-initiated high-end denim boutique, seedling farm outlet, and local artist-made ephemera– including books, zines, and maps.

Kor purchased the historic Renoir Hotel, located in the heart of Mid-Market at 7th and Market, in February. They immediately set out to engage the local community and find ways to creatively activate the hotel’s vacant and boarded up retail spaces which had previously served to add to the area’s blight. ATO will create both a destination for food, drink and art as well as a place for local entrepreneurs to test new ideas and showcase their skills in a relaxed setting that encourages experimentation and embraces the neighborhood.

“We actively sought out the best operators for each of the components at the Renoir and did whatever it took to get them into the space because it was critical that we created an amazing set of venues that would not only attract visitors, but would engage the local community and fill a vast void in the neighborhood,” says Kor Principal Brian De Lowe. “We feel lucky to be working with FoodLab, the Bon Vivants and the Luggage Store Gallery. They each are doing incredible things in their own right, and to be able to bring them together under one roof in this collaborative effort to create an urban destination, and help improve a neighborhood, is beyond our wildest imagination of what we thought we could achieve within 90 days of purchasing the hotel.”

“Kor was one of the first developers to adaptively re-use vacant office and industrial buildings in areas of downtown LA that were desperately in need of revitalization by converting them to residential and retail. Today those areas are flourishing. So, we have experience going into neighborhoods like Mid-Market and creating concepts that help bring about change,” says Alex Samek, a Principal at Kor. He adds, “We have worked closely with the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development and they have been instrumental in helping facilitate our activation of the hotel’s retail spaces. We are confident that the Mid-Market neighborhood will achieve its full potential for growth and urban renewal under Mayor Lee’s continued guidance and we are honored to be a part of it.”