World Class Designers Shine at The Philippine Fashion Week

Photography and Recap By Jinggo Montenejo

The Philippine Fashion Week is the largest fashion event in the Philippines showcasing over 70 of the top fashion and lifestyle designers. This is one of the longest running and most successful event organized by Audie and Joey Espino – brothers who are legends in the Philippine fashion industry also known to be the founders of the modeling agency Cal Carries (

The show featured collections ranging from the laid back design of Simon Ariel Vasquez to  over-the-top collections from Dubai-based designers Ezra Santos, Albert Andrada, Butz Fuentes and Bandoix Flores. Some of my personal favorites are the punk, goth, leather and chain outfits by Chris Jasler.

For those who like to get a little more height, Kermit Tesoro‘s collection of ankle-breaking shoes are something to consider – Lady Gaga may want to invest in a pair or three, if she hasn’t already. The JAG and Oxygen shows were breathtaking to say the least while the Avon shows definitely got the men and women’s hearts beating a little bit faster with their sexy designs. Other notable designers are Project Runway winner – Veejay Floresca and 80’s make-up and hair icon Fanny Serrano showing off his artistic designs using traditional Philippine materials and inspiration from different cultures. Serrano’s clothes sans head gear would make great formal wear.

The PFW is definitely world class – it may be just a matter of time before the Philippine Fashion scene starts competing with New York, Paris and LA. Congratulations to Audie and Joey Espino for this amazing production.

Jinggo Montenejo is a SF Bay Area photographer who recently relocated to Manila. He was co-founder of The Candy Factory Studio in the Bay Area and recently founded The Candy Factory Manila (www.thecandyfactorymanila). He shoots fashion, commercial and sports portraits. He can be reached at