An All-Day Gourmet Affair with Craftsman and Wolves

Recap and photos by Kanoa Utler

People most often look for a favorite café in town they can call their own and after your first visit to “Craftsman and Wolves” your search may be just be over. From tasty pastries to oolong teas and all your favorite coffee house classics, Craftsman and Wolves has the entire package.  The inside of the shop plays with multiple different textures, metals, and brick giving it a unique look and adding to its character. Since our first visit, it has become the go-to destination to have a leisurely breakfast, to grab a quick sandwich for lunch, or even a place to savor a sweet dessert after a night on the town – they really do have it all. Open for a little over a month now, Craftsman and Wolves has already received positive notice and generated great reviews all over town. Gradually they’re adding wines and refining their menu so that customers will be able to drop by in the evening for a quick starter before they head to their dining and dancing destinations, swinging back for dessert to polish off a cube cake or a late-night espresso.

One of their notable offerings is the “Damn Fine Granola” which they make and combine with their signature breakfast yogurt; add it with fresh market fruits and it will surely make you look forward to sunrise. When you visit, please try their “Drinking Chocolate” menu; they have a Valrhona hot chocolate with violet marshmallow which tastes like the richest chocolate you can possibly imagine. It is melted into your cup, and provided with a warm sipping caramel with salted butter and croissant shavings. This drink tastes just like pure liquefied warm salted caramel! Now have I convinced you enough yet?

Photo by Aubrie Pick

Q&A With Chef William Werner of Craftsman and Wolves

How would you describe your cuisine?

 Flavor and texture driven with emphasis on technique and presentation.
What is it about managing a kitchen staff that you know now running your own restaurant that you wish you knew then when you were working with different restaurants?
 I find it much easier to run my own shop than manage someone else’s. I currently have the best staff of my career: hardworking, focused, and driven. I feel very fortunate.
5 favorite summer eating spots in the city. Why?
Serpentine – Chef Deepak’s summer squash salad is a must have, love sitting at the bar
Outerlands –   Inventive dishes from chef Brett Cooper, outside seating and a short walk to the beach
Bar Bambino – Right off 16th and mission, hidden patio seating, great pasta, great service and stellar wines.
Rich’s Table – It’s not even open yet, but you need to eat here.
St. Vincent – David Lynch’s new wine bar. As gracious a host as he is knowledgeable about wine. He also has a young gun in the kitchen doing some incredible work .
What is the story behind the name Craftsman and Wolves?
 The name is a nod to the craftsman and the numerous challenges [the wolves] that he or she faces when pursuing their craft.

A Mouthwatering Visual Tour