Lights, Camera Bon Appetit!

By Kaye Cloutman
Images by Royce Dove of Blurred Line Photography

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to a humorous video about food photos [Eat It! Don’t Tweet It!] ~ I laughed my heart out but then realized that I’m perfectly guilty of this crime myself; in fact, I’m a repeat offender and if there were a three-strikes law against this, I’d be serving a life sentence. For many years I have tortured friends with my food images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve met and have had a great online relationship with the people who created Foodspotting. Additionally, with my job and all my subscriptions to Food and Wine, Bon Appetit and Saveur magazines, being a “food photographer” is inevitable. For whatever ill feelings others may have about people like me, I have to say I do it only for the love of sharing the kitchen staff’s passion – a piece of art which will be gone in a matter of minutes, its memory preserved in my phone, camera or the “cloud” .

One particular restaurant which we enjoyed recently is Parcel 104. You can tell from the photos how much we delighted in the company of the charming Chef Bradley Ogden and his humorous antics; we also felt it would have been a travesty not to take snapshots of all the plates that came out from the wonderful kitchen of Executive Chef Jonathan Hall and Pastry Chef Carlos Sanchez. Additionally, because of our love for food and fashion, we certainly did this girl’s-night-out dinner in style, proudly showing off our lovely designed iPhone cases from Power Support USA. So go ahead, take a picture and share it with the world. Many restaurant owners and chefs have thanked me for this. It not only supports their marketing efforts, you’ll be keeping the local food industry happy as well.

Models: Christina Dunham, Gaucha Lopez, Karina Mendoza Calayag and April Ross Perez
Creative Director: Hilario Hufana
MUAs: Arlene Coleman and Thazzia Falek
Produced by: Kaye Cloutman
Chef Bradley Ogden’s Suit provided by Franco Uomo Santana Row