GEV Issue 4.0 Red Carpet Recipes Features Mixologist H Joseph Ehrmann

Oh Yes! The heat is definitely on, and this type of weather calls for refreshing Summer drinks from none other than prominent San Francisco mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir SF. GEV Magazine will not only quench your thirst but satisfy you visually as well, because we’ve paired his latest recipes with alluring ladies simply ripe with extravagance, style and charm!

Location: Elixir SF 3200 16th Street  San Francisco, CA 94103

Main Writer: Rachel Anne Calabia

Models: Jenna Moreci, Stefanie Williams, Lisa Ryland and Meisha Kingdon

Elixir BTS Photos and Video by: Śānti Babarán 

Glamor Photography | Hair | MUA by: Silke Gabrielle

Cosmetics provided by: Iona Cosmetics

Produced by: Kaye Cloutman