Beddazled at the Perrier Lounge of Hotel Diva

By Kaye Cloutman

It was like a trip to Emerald City – gorgeous and glam gals in green, all of them sparkling and radiant with their absolutely wonderful diva personalities. The fashion forward venue-du-jour was the Perrier lounge at Hotel Diva. A cocktail hour was underway, and a number of divalicious personalities in the hospitality industry of San Francisco were in attendance to celebrate and toast to its unveiling. Styled by the Bay Area’s hottest artists and designers, the Diva Lounges offer guests inspirational spaces for brainstorming, relaxing and celebrating their inner creativity and talent, while their flirty but stylish suites provide much more excitement than your regular hotel room. Every nook and cranny of this fab hotel has a certain character to it that really appeals to a personality-driven individual like me. If you want to take an extra step beyond the ordinary and into the slightly-more-self-indulgent on your next trip to the city – Hotel Diva is the perfect place for you.

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The Business Center

The Salon

The Pablo Lounge

The Lee Quen Lounge

The Kids Suite

The Diva Room

Exterior of the Building

Design Within Reach Lounge

The Perrier Lounge