How the La Bombilla Dinner Illuminated Our Evening…

By Kaye Cloutman
Photography by Christina Dunham

There is a first time for everything. In my case, I have been a pop-up dinner “virgin” for the longest time. I received many invites but my full schedule has not permitted me to accommodate any of them until last Saturday when I found myself driving to the foggy hills of Pacifica.

Chef Loren Crannell and his wife Karen, who acts as front of the house for their pop-up dinner project, have been on my radar screen for quite some time now. Their husband-and-wife endeavor named La Bombilla Dinner Club particularly excites me because, unlike many dining clubs, they do this for one simple but admirable reason – to eventually be empowered to spend more time with their precious five year old daughter; “Children really do grow up so fast and we don’t want to miss any of her milestones” Chef Loren explained – and then there was a poignant pause. As a mom who shares both the parental challenges and financial struggles of being a small business owner, I couldn’t help but admire them more for what they do. Ultimately, they chose to stay true to their passion in preparing memorably unique dishes for those who would like to try a gourmet dining experience but are on a budget.

Gourmand  galore!

That evening, I was joined by my lovely foodie friend Christina Dunham and we surely were treated to an evening of sumptuous dishes (they offered the vegetarian and regular menu) and top-notch gastronomic company.  The great thing about events like these is that you get to meet like-minded people who appreciate the whole orchestration, symphony and presentation of food as much as you do. We even had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Tracy Lee, the lady behind Dishcrawl, which is a local business we’ve followed for quite some time now.  Dishcrawl offers guided food tours through 4 restaurants in 1 night with a group of 20-100 local foodies. We also had the pleasure of sitting beside a majorly entertaining couple, who will be joining team GEV soon to share with us their food escapades and dining mishaps. You’ll love ‘em as much as we do.

So without further ado we present the La Bombilla dinner. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to salivate…

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Follow Chef Loren on Twitter: @GourmetDad and @LaBombillaDC