Filipino Chefs’ Week, Sept 27 – 30 at Purple Yam

By Kaye Cloutman

Filipino chefs take center-stage in an upcoming forum and dinner party at Purple Yam New York – a restaurant owned by award-winning chefs and authors of the book “Memories of Philippine KitchensAmy Besa and Romy Dorotan. I am supremely overjoyed about this event not only because of the fact that I’ve tried and experienced some recipes of this fantastic volume in the past but also because as a Filipina gourmand who has lived among different cultures and observed how foreigners esteemed and savored my hometown kitchen preparations, I know these authors truly have a deep understanding of the foundations of our cuisine and how our regional flavors have touched palates and evolved globally.

“Filipinos have been feeding this country for over a century already thanks to the farm workers who toiled in Hawaii and the West Coast. Now we have the chefs whose experiences are built on backbreaking work on a daily basis going to the market to look for the best ingredients to working long hard hours behind a hot stove” explains Amy Besa.

For this collaboration, Amy takes stock of the young Philippine culinary geniuses in the country such as Chef Cocoy Ventura, Tim Luym, Dominic Ainza, Perry Mamaril and King Phojanakong along with Chef Romy Dorotan. “All of these people have devoted their lives to demonstrating their love for our culture and food” added Amy. Personally, it is refreshing to see them gather in a place which embraces their talents and gives them the ability to show off their own take on the country’s fare.

Come and share their palates, their own set of flavors and the excitement of sharing their edible creations as they pay homage to Philippine cuisine, showcasing them on the American table.


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