Naima Mora of America’s Next Top Model Launches New eBook

Available for sale now at iTunes for IOS devices ($5.99), this 70 page multi-media eBook MODEL BEHAVIOR is the first book in Naima Mora’s exciting literary Model Life Series™.

Soon to be followed by a book dedicated exclusively to readers and their real life stories, a cookbook, skin care and make-up and more! An audio and print (purchased online) edition of Model Behavior will be available this Winter. Smart. Relevant. High quality.

Subscribe to latest updates at her interactive writer’s blog at Naima Mora Online, where fans can buy her book, and readers can talk directly with Naima and submit their personal stories to be published. Features include top advice from unique, relevant thought leaders and experts.

Written by Naima Mora and co-designed by her sister, Nia Mora, this is an intimate look into the mind and experiences of a young woman on the path of a healthier, more conscious way of life.

IN THE BOOK: Naima offers a candid and authentic exploration of our personal potential, positive and healthy living, life’s challenges, personal power, success, and a healthy body and mind. Explore beautiful photographs from top fashion photographers, a music video from her band Galaxy of Tar, and listen to chapter-by-chapter narration in Naima’s own voice.

Naima began this journey because she wanted to be a catalyst for people to connect with each other, because she believes through our stories and our shared experiences – we can heal, learn, and grow.

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